~ Willow Art Shop ~ [ CLOSED ]

Welcome everyone!

I cannot promise that everything will be done on time but I do have a bunch of free time on my hands. I’m so excited to finally open up an art shop!

  • Credit should ALWAYS be given to me @/ annabelle_01 on Episode Forums!
  • No thread hopping if your request is taking longer than expected. I could be working on it and you go and find someone else, that would be a waste of my time.
  • Use the password when filling out your request! (sugar flowers)
  • I don’t do forums but PLEASE make it as a clear as possible what you’re looking for in your requests!
  • Requests do not come the same day! Please don’t rush me or constantly PM me.

I can do these in both Ink and LL, but Ink is more my specialty.

  • Covers
  • Splashes
  • PFP
  • Custom Poses
  • Intro / Outro

I don’t have that many right now since I just changed computers and phones, everything was wiped away.


ENJOY!!! :blob_hearts:


Whats a intro and outro?

Hi, can I request a profile pic of my character holding the peace sign and facing the camera? Here are my details:

Password: (sugar flowers)

Body Type: Female Soft Body
Skin Tone: Copper 03
Eyebrows: Straight Medium
Eyebrow Color: Deep Brown
Hairstyle: Medium Straight Down
Hair Color: Brown Black
Eyes: Round Medium
Eye Color: Brown Black
Face Shape: Round Puffy Cheek
Nose Shape: Round Downturned
Lip Shape: Full Wide
Lip Color: Rose Light Nude Matte


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Hey I would love to request.
For Outro-
Password - sugar flowers


Skin tone - Honey
Brow - Seductive round
Hair - straight color - black
Eye - Upturned feline color - Toffee
Face - Oval
Nose - upturned
Lips - Full round Color - Terracotta



Background - Any light coloured works as My texts are purple coloured.

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Good luck, BUMP!

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an intro or outro is like the ending credit scene saying “add my instagram” or “this story will be continued” or really anything you’d want!

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ofc! do you have a prefered background in mind or a theme? also what is their facial expression going to look like?

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is there anything specific you’d like on your outro? like an instagram shout out or any text, something like that? or just your character and pose?

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me & ur shop r name twins ! so cool of u

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Nothing specific :woman_shrugging:t4: I was thinking you could surprise me.

Confident, like the facial expression in the end of the animation talk_condescending_atcamera

oh my gosh! i didn’t even realize yours was named willow! haha i just have a love for the tree and that was the only thing i could think of lol


awesome! i’ll get started on that right away

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Write Thankyou for reading at the top with purple colour.

you got it!

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request complete! :blob_hearts:


i honestly loved this night time background, it just matched the outfit all too well! i hope you like it as much as i do!



You know what? I don’t even mind that my hair is lighter in the pic, 'cause I love it! :smile: Thank you!

of course! im glad you like it (:

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request completed! :blob_hearts:


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