Willowdale Academy rp sign ups


Hello and welcome to Willowdale Academy rp, @Daisy_Flower1 and i both created this so if you need to ask anything contact one or both of us. thanks to @Melody.LE and @lanafrazer_episode for helping with the names of the universe and the school.

Summary -
It’s the year 2907 and your about to start a year at Willowdale Academy. Willowdale Academy isn’t just an ordinary school, it is the school for gifted children. Located in Equestia, Willowdale Academy is the only school full of gifted children. It is run my headmaster Duvelle and they accept new students each year. Every student has there own individual and unique gift and here at Willowdale Academy you learn to control and master the use of you powers.

Rues -

  1. Cursing is allowed, but please use a little * over one of the letters or blur it out. Like this.
  2. you are allowed romance, but no inappropriate scenes.
  3. please let us know when you sign up
  4. 4 characters max
  5. if you have more then one character please equal out the genders
  6. do not start Drama on this role play
  7. No homophobic, or racist characters.
  8. if you are not active enough your character will be up for adoption
  9. one power per character
  10. at least 3/4 sentences minimum per post

thank you.
Face Claims https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1LhUpM36zXbMkD4W-vFabPoZ4yre6fiyPdsg1fjxorEE/edit?usp=sharing
Sign Ups https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf5n14SdHdSmROePlMkLQFcIlPGugyjEEYFYlFg5ZIDS4n6Fg/viewform

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I’m already signing up. I signed up one and about to do another




i submitted


thanks :slightly_smiling_face:






Submitted my boy!! Yay!!! I’m super excited




Sorry I guess I missed ya… :joy:


i won’t be on for a few hours, i am going to bed, i think @Daisy_Flower1 will be on for a little bit (not sure). if you need to contact me i am in the Australian Eastern Standard Time zone, so you might have to wait a little bit.


Hey @Daisy_Flower1 your character and my characters have the same last name… haha


Wait they do…


Lockwood… yes… haha


Ok I can change my characters last name then.


Or they could be cousins… lol


Ooh we could do that if you want.


I’d sign up but its hard to have long replies for me so inma have to decline


Might sign up later :upside_down_face:


Submitted! Three character, sorry…