Willowdale Academy rp sign ups


Ok, thanks for informing us. Either I or @Olivia_f will add your characters in a bit.


Signed up

@Daisy_Flower1 @Olivia_f


qq I may sign up now but is this rp still happening?




yeah it is


i’ll add your face claim a bit later.


Okay thanks :smile:


Is it okay if I have a character term with a illness like Osteosarcoma or Cystic Fibrosis?




I finished the form but the link for my characters fc isnt working so I downloaded the photo and am going to put it here

Nolan's fc


@Olivia_f @Daisy_Flower1


thank you, i’ll add it later i’ll just wait for daisy


I seen that @Raybadem has a character on the fc slide but she left the forums for a reason I’m not going to say


Yes I have spoken with her about it and we have decided to have her character run away which makes sense from the things that have happened so far in roleplay for her character.


Quick Question when can I start rping?
@Daisy_Flower1 @Olivia_f


You can start rping now. I am not sure if your character has been added to the fc slide and if not I am will add it now, sorry for the wait.


Ok thx and it’s ok