Win a Free Art Scene

(Don’t need insta to enter) if you have instagram .Follow me because within the next week after i finish my last commission i wanna give an author a chance to win a free commission piece.
My insta is @rjl.the.creator
(If you don’t have insta dm me and say you wanna join)
Ill dm you when the results are in

So of you need an art scene or cover follow my insta and be there for the release on february 28th
I wanna help episode authors become successful. I will host multiple giveaways after the first so you wilk have a chance to get some art for your story
Happy writing😁

My work:


I dont have insta so I can’t enter, but I just wanted to say that your art is amazing :heart_eyes:

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If you dont have an insta i can still draw your name out of the hat. This is purely to help other authors

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Would you like to enter?

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Sure, what’s the worst thing that could happen?


Do you mind if I enter too? I’d love too, although I also don’t have IG
love the art!

ill most certainly be joining :purple_heart:

You can. Ill write you down

I also don’t have insta, can I enter

Yes you can ill just write you down and dm you when i do the draw


I dont have insta but your art works are phenominal.
I would love to enter !

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Love them all :heart_eyes:

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I would love to enter :heart:

Wow those are so pretty, can i ask what your commission prices are?

omgg you draw soo good omg im definitely joining :yay:

10 for below bust and 5 for above bust

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I write you down

Are you joining but dont have insta

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i already texted you on ig