Win an Art Scene (Cheyara_episode58 and Turtle_Cat's Idea! :) )


Hello guys! Its me violet and I am back with my lazy creativity lacking self! Again @Cheyara_episode58 and @Turtle_Cat made this possible so tysm for letting me steal your alls creative ideas lmao. So this is basically a twist on their "Birthday Guessing Idea, (Which you should totally go check out, it was posted by @Cheyara_episode58) And I changed birthday to drum roll pleaseeeeee A number 1-3! Jk… I’m not that uncreative, It will be to guess a random candy, and whoever get’s it first wins, and everyone gets 2 guesses (like them cuz im too lazy)

Hint: (again snatching there ideas) It is an American Candy

Okay thanks again to @Cheyara_episode58 and @Turtle_Cat for being so kind to let me be lazy!
Also I am doing this art scene asap so like please try to have a scene in mind already for me. kthx




I’m sorry but neither are it :frowning:


Lol I probably should’ve let a couple of ppl guess first to narrow it down :joy:


Candy corn


It’s okay babes, I will probs do another one, and If you reallllyyyy want an Art Scene I will be happy to make you one, it make just not be as “Advanced”


Sorry neither of those are it either :frowning:


Awww that’s sweet but I was really only playing for fun :smile: thanks for the offer


np babes! Tysm for playing :slight_smile:


Peanut butter cups?
Figured I’d have a guess


ofc you would guess it lmaoooo it was twizzlers


What art scene are you invisioning lmaoooo


Haha and I’m not even American :joy::joy::joy: lucky guess, I wasn’t intending to win there, could I offer your art scene abilities to my partner in crime @Turtle_Cat please instead? :grin:


Do you have examples?


Im entering your art scene competition so you can see my skills


Im gonna do cheyara outline for you all :slight_smile: I should be done in like 15 20 mins