Win His Heart - SEASON 1



Welcome To Win His Heart!

There will be 10 girls competing for the heart of Zach Deano, a rich socialite looking for true love!



There will be 10 girls to start off with and new girls will join as the game progresses.


I will choose ONE person to eliminate every now and then and they will sometimes be replaced with a new girl. So remember to be active, exciting and SUPER SEXY!

During eliminations, each girl will choose ONE other girl each that they want to send home with a valid reason as to why they want to do so. I will choose one of the two girls with the most votes to keep.


You will go on group dates AND single dates to capture the bachelor’s heart!

Current Competers…

BACHELOR : Zach Deano

GIRL 10:

To sign up, write down your character’s FULL NAME and age! (18-22)

Just so you know, the bachelor is 22!

Please remember that when texting, you MUST put your characters name then type AT LEAST 1 full sentence.



“I’ve really liked getting to know you, Zach and I really hope you give me a rose this evening during the elimination event.”

New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

Hey, just so you know… there’s already a SG of The Bachelor here on the forums, and we’re not allowed to have duplicate threads on these forums either (which is what this one would be considered). Sorry


Then can I change the name of the show to "Win His Heart"

And maybe change a few things around like the names of the characters. If I do so, it wouldn’t really be a duplicate as it would be a different show with different characters and a different general plot. Also, on that version, there are already names for the characters but in mine, i’m letting the person choose the name so it wont be the same and if it is, I’ll tell the player to change their name.

Not just that, but there are many more BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE games on the episode forums.


First, you should probably share your idea on the NEW IDEAS thread to make sure enough people are interested in it before you make a sign up thread, and if you are going to go ahead with it, we just ask that you change your Bachelor idea.

Other versions on the forums have been forum versions, where it was more so a game than it was an RP/SG. People didn’t create characters for those versions.

Also, on our version, people have signed up with the names that have been used. There was a different thread from the sign ups.


oh okay thanks for letting me know. does this mean i’ll still be able to continue this RP as i change the name and general plot.


If you change the name and plot, then yes. But you should still post your idea on that thread to make sure there’s enough people who want to get involved (and you can also see other ideas that have already been suggested in case you’re worried it’s already been taken)


of course! I’ll do that now thanks :slight_smile:


I’ll sign up,

Character Name : Jenylyn Reyes
Age : 20