Wincy Wong Stories On Youtube


Im looking on Youtube an seeing Wincy Wong stories there. If you know that person or subscribed to their channel, PLEASE TELL THAT PERSON TO TAKE HER STORY DOWN. Wincy Wong does not want her work on youtube. If you don’t believe me, ask Wincy Wong. Lol


All types of wrong!


Damn right. I really dont get people these days!


This is so wrong. Someone world so hard on their story and they will just … wow.


One already took the video off just waiting for two more.


oh my god “Moonlight Feather”???

This ain’t it lmao :grimacing:


They spelled it wrong and that is her story. LMAO!


If you dont believe me, I guess u should watch it on youtube if its still there…


Yup, still there. Yikes :skull:


Yeah. Wincy knows.