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General idea:
Fifty years in future; everything has changed. Derek Jackson is in authority. You are either a respecter or a opposer - one of his men or their slave. There’s no middle way. Jackson’s rules are horrible for opposers but enjoyable for respecters. If you are an opposer, there’s no way you become a respecter. Your family has failed him - he is not giving second chances.
But there’s enough opposers. Together, they can stop Jackson no matter his powerful weapons and best shields. Together, you can wind the flag of peace once and forever.

How it all began:
Jackson was popular at young age of 12. He and his group believed that there’s too much bad people. But after years of getting resources, people and skills, he’s become worse than them. When he was ready, he attacked. And he won. Everyone who contradicted him got punished with being the opposers. A child, born by opposer, will always be one.

Through the RP:
Your characters’ parents died, for ‘breaking the rules’. And that was too much for you. From the papers, you fond others who’s parents were executed. You do the same Jackson did years ago. Collect resources, train yourselves and find others to rebel. I will randomly put some clues that will help you find respecters’ weaknesses, and you can use them. If your character is a respecter, I will tell you what he can find about the rebels. You can choose to find them and torture them for more information, or let them go - this will affect your relationship with Jackson.
The RP will end when all the rebels are dead or when The Flag of Piece is winded again (the rebels win over Jackson).

More about rebels:
Rebels begin with nothing but basic knowledge from their parents. With resources, they can build weapons.
I will also give small clues at random areas in Opposers’ city. With connecting them, they can find information about past and Respecters’ weaknesses.
They need to be careful, so Respecters don’t find them. If they do and torture them for information, they can choose to tell them and get away or save others and suffer.
The people executed were: Lisa and Lane O’Malley, Karen and Nathan Horton, Lyla and Mason Freebush and Gale and Shayna Lakewood. Their children are the original rebels, and I would love if there were some siblings from different users(but not more than 2). They will try to find other Opposers to join them - the rebels.

More about Respecters:
Respecters work for Jackson and agre indebted to make sure that Opposers follow Jackson’s rules. It doesn’t even cross their minds to betray Jackson, they’ve been through a lot together (but they can have their opinion about the system).
When a Respecter searches for something suspicious, I will maybe give them some clues about the rebellion. They can choose to hunt down rebels (if they believe there are some). If they find them, they can torture them for more information, but they can find the wrong person.
Romances are allowed, and there can be some siblings, but please, not too much.


  • Swearing is allowed, but blur the swear words
  • Sex is allowed, but don’t go into details
  • Don’t do a big change without me! Your character can’t find out anything unless I tell you so
  • No god-playing A. K. A. controlling other characters
  • No Mary-Sues A. K. A. perfect characters
  • Blood is allowed, but before abuse is mentioned, ask characters’ owner(s)
  • No offensing other RolePlayers!


Jacksoncity’s rules (WRITE WITH DIFFERENT COLOUR!)
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Wait for me to post guard/household assignments!


Guards and Households assignment

Tell me if I missed something :sweat_smile:.

How RolePlay begins

RolePlay begins with everyone waking up and guards giving newspapers to their assigned households (:point_up:️). In newspapers, they can read about executed people and Opposers who will take care of Respecters’ places (Hazel Freebush - @Kale, Justin Freebush - @Kate_Potter, Josh Carter - @Ella). When Jackson says through speakers that they need to come and why, guards come to their places and walk them to Respecters’ places where they do their tasks under watch of a guard (I’ll tell who).

You can start RPing!


Hazel Freebush
She woke up. Her eyes were still groggy. She rolled to side on her uncomfortable bed. Well, she was thankful she had it. Some of the poorest Opposers couldn’t afford only one. She looked at the picture on the drawer. There were four people on it. Her peach skintonned mother with beautifully, flowy black hair and a boy in front of her, who looked just as his mom in male version. Beside him, there was his 7 minutes younger sister Hazel. She had her father’s tanned skin and mom’s brown eyes. With hands on her shoulders, there was her father behind her. He was good looking, with the nicest eyes there could be. She loved her family, most on the world. More than herself. They went doing their tasks yesterday late in the evening and told her and her twin brother that they will probably arrive back early in the morning. When she woke up, they weren’t in their bed. Where could they be? Her steps heavy, she walked towards one and only closet. Each of the family members had three bottoms, ten tops and two shoe pairs. She picked randomly and dressed up from her nightwear. Organizing the closet, she decided to not wear shoes today. They were almost completely battered. She sat on her bed, and sighed. Newspapers should come any moment now. When they do, I can make breakfast.

@Kate_Potter - Justin Freebush mentioned


Cole Williams has finaly woke up. First she go to the kitchen and eat breakfast then he took a shower. He changes. Then he got ready. Newspapers were in the table. He took them and go out side. He sits on chair and fix his hair. Finaly he close the door and he started his day. He go infrond the doors of Freebush. His hand has knock on door a little bit to much strong.
@Kale @Kate_Potter


Hazel Freebush
She heard knock on the door. She gently shook Justin, saying: “Justin. They’re here.”


“HEY NEWSPAPER!” Cole say gentle and lound.
He waiting like crazy but also stay calm. His hair are flowing like it was winter. He was a little bit nervous. Because his wife is Hulligan. So he hope that his wife sleep. @Kale @Kate_Potter


Hazel Freebush
She sighed and went to the front door. She opened it to see Cole. “Yes?!” she said, a bit angry. She held her hand forward, wanting the newspaper.



“Your newspaper” He said kindly and evil.
“Here” He put the newspaper in her hand and turnd around. Last he fix his hair and go away. @Kale @Kate_Potter


Hazel Freebush
She rolled her eyes at him. Another day, same story. That Cole guy was so annoying. She went back to bedroom, not looking at newspaper. They will read it together. “Justin,” she said loudly.



Emily-Rose Wilson

Emily-Rose awoke, looking over to the side of her and listening out she noticed she was the first person awake in a nearby radius, which was not usual. As she checked outside it still seemed pretty early in the morning, so Emily slumped back into her cold bed hoping sleep could be found, it could not. She pushed herself up and punched the wall if she was going to be awake at this time, everyone else should be as well.

“I’m not excited, I’m not ready everyone is delusional” Emily said grouchily getting up out of bed. This was her most vulnerable time, the morning. She decided not to get changed properly until the newspapers came so instead she shoved on a baggy old t-shirt, shorts and left her feet with just socks on. Emily-Rose didn’t care, well, that’s what she told herself

@Kate_Potter (Ashley Horton)
@Annabethstories (Lyla Williams)
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ORP Cole williams Dawn Lee Lyla Williams


Justin Freebush

I wake up at the sound of the knocking and Hazel talking to me. I yawn and slowly wake up.
“Who?” Then I realized I don’t have to ask.
“Right. Ok wait.” I say and change.

@Kale @Annabethstories

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Hazel Freebush
When he changed, she threw the newspaper on his bed. “Read,” she said. “I’m gonna go make breakfast.” She went to the kitchen, getting bread and bread toppings. It was the best they could eat for breakfast before they were doing their tasks.


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Justin Freebush

I wore some basic clothes I wore two days before- (I have four pairs of clothes but the fourth one I almost never wear because it’s all yellow and bright and it reminds me of Jackson.) I run down stairs and see Hazel making breakfast. I stand beside her, and help her with breakfast.


ORP oh lol ok and whose with them right now? A respect or or rebel?


No one, they’re alone. They can eat breakfast while eating, I guess?



Brandon Black
As soon as he woke up, he stood up and changed. It wasn’t too late. He went to lobby of Respecters’ place and grabbed four newspapers. Then he went back to his and his sister’s rooms and waited for her in anteroom. It was too early to give newspapers to everyone.

Brinna Black
It was 7 AM. It was about time she should wake up. Awake for a long time, Brinna rolled to the side in her comfy bed. Her parents were good friends with Jackson, her brother said. That’s why they live in this luxury. Their rooms bigger than three Opposer houses, Brinna enjoyed her life. The only thing missing was what she knew from the books she found on a cabinet while some Opposers (Caytleen, Poppy and Jace, if she remembered right) were cleaning Jackson’s office. Love. No one was ever nice to her. She didn’t have friends, Brandon was like a coach and all Opposers were mean. Her brother said love is a weapon. More than you love, more you can loose. But you always have something to loose, right? She took her guard outfit from the wardrobe and changed. When she exited her room, ready to bring new papers to Opposers, she saw Brandon. “Good morning,” she said neutral. “Good morning,” he asnwered, handing her two newspapers. They walked out the room, out of Respecters’ place, out of Good area - into Opposers’ city. Brandon went left and Brinna right. Her steps were loud in quiet surroundings on stone path. When she reached Lakewoods’ house, she gently knocked on door. She red the first page of newspaper.

@Ella - Poppy Lakewood
@Beth_Episode - Jace Lakewood

Brandon Black
He turned around and went the left way. In his tight grip, newspapers were a bit crinkly. He was glad he didn’t have to give them to Lakewoods. He probably couldn’t hold back. He reached Lee’s house and knocked twice and as hard as possible.

@Annabethstories - Dawn Lee


Justin Freebush

I eat some of the bread, then take the newspaper she gave me and read it. My eyes widen at the newspaper.

“Us? Being under JACKSON’s care?” My voice got bigger.

“Why.” I say, annoyed



Hazel Freebush
When breakfast was prepared - four bread pieces with butter and four with jam -, she served it on plates. When she sat on a chair, she took one piece and looked at the first page and when she saw words ‘executed’ and ‘Lyla and Mason Freebush’, that piece of bread fell out of her hand.

@Kate_Potter - Justin Freebush


Dawn Lee open her eyes. She stretch and lookt out of the window. Sun rayse are shining in her face. She stand and scratch. She greete her mom and eat breakfast.
“I love cereal!” She say with close eyes. She change and fix her hair into ponytail. Then she start reading book, “Just an average girl” :slight_smile: @Kale


Justin Freebush

I noticed Hazel’s piece of bread falling.

“Why?! That precious piece of bread!” I say then follow where she was looking…

And saw the words. Lyla and Mason Freebush EXECUTED My jaw fell.

“W-wha-t?” I say softly, not believing my eyes.

“That’s why Jackson is taking care of me and you?” I say about to explode.

@Kale - Hazel Freebush

Ashley Horton

I open my eyes, hungry and ready for breakfast. I looked at the clock and see that it’s ten already.
Weird… mom didn’t scream at me for waking up late I think, sitting up slowly. It felt so- silent. I feel something is different, and somewhat wrong. I stand up and walk down the stairs with my pjs on.

“Mom? Dad?” I shout. No answer.
Goosebumps go through me when a chill breeze of air brush my skin. I guess they went to a rebellion meeting or somethjng I think to calm myself down. I sit in the couch, and think for a bit staring at the wall and ceiling.

Then I hear the newspaper come. I rush to the door, and open it and take the newspaper, and read it while going to my couch.

I drop to my knees when I read the words
Karen and Nathan Horton : EXECUTED