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General idea:
Fifty years in future; everything has changed. Derek Jackson is in authority. You are either a respecter or a opposer - one of his men or their slave. There’s no middle way. Jackson’s rules are horrible for opposers but enjoyable for respecters. If you are an opposer, there’s no way you become a respecter. Your family has failed him - he is not giving second chances.
But there’s enough opposers. Together, they can stop Jackson no matter his powerful weapons and best shields. Together, you can wind the flag of peace once and forever.

How it all began:
Jackson was popular at young age of 12. He and his group believed that there’s too much bad people. But after years of getting resources, people and skills, he’s become worse than them. When he was ready, he attacked. And he won. Everyone who contradicted him got punished with being the opposers. A child, born by opposer, will always be one.

Through the RP:
Your characters’ parents died, for ‘breaking the rules’. And that was too much for you. From the papers, you fond others who’s parents were executed. You do the same Jackson did years ago. Collect resources, train yourselves and find others to rebel. I will randomly put some clues that will help you find respecters’ weaknesses, and you can use them. If your character is a respecter, I will tell you what he can find about the rebels. You can choose to find them and torture them for more information, or let them go - this will affect your relationship with Jackson.
The RP will end when all the rebels are dead or when The Flag of Piece is winded again (the rebels win over Jackson).

More about rebels:
Rebels begin with nothing but basic knowledge from their parents. With resources, they can build weapons.
I will also give small clues at random areas in Opposers’ city. With connecting them, they can find information about past and Respecters’ weaknesses.
They need to be careful, so Respecters don’t find them. If they do and torture them for information, they can choose to tell them and get away or save others and suffer.
The people executed were: Lisa and Lane O’Malley, Karen and Nathan Horton, Lyla and Mason Freebush and Gale and Shayna Lakewood. Their children are the original rebels, and I would love if there were some siblings from different users(but not more than 2). They will try to find other Opposers to join them - the rebels.

More about Respecters:
Respecters work for Jackson and agre indebted to make sure that Opposers follow Jackson’s rules. It doesn’t even cross their minds to betray Jackson, they’ve been through a lot together (but they can have their opinion about the system).
When a Respecter searches for something suspicious, I will maybe give them some clues about the rebellion. They can choose to hunt down rebels (if they believe there are some). If they find them, they can torture them for more information, but they can find the wrong person.
Romances are allowed, and there can be some siblings, but please, not too much.


  • Swearing is allowed, but blur the swear words
  • Sex is allowed, but don’t go into details
  • Don’t do a big change without me! Your character can’t find out anything unless I tell you so
  • No god-playing A. K. A. controlling other characters
  • No Mary-Sues A. K. A. perfect characters
  • Blood is allowed, but before abuse is mentioned, ask characters’ owner(s)
  • No offensing other RolePlayers!

Reservations and free spots:

Original rebels:
Freebush: 0
Horton: 0
Lakewood: 0
O’Malley: 0
Rebels: 0
Opposers: 5
Guards: 4 (@Etherwalker)
Inventors: 9 (@Etherwalker)
Assistants: 2
Unoccupied: 10
Total reservations: 2 (@areyouaqueen)
Not specified reservations: 1 (@SilverStar)



People interested:
@Aohebe_S @Kate_Potter @Surface_Hyena57 @Etherwalker @Miss_Moonlight @dqrkskin @areyouaqueen


Reserve for rebel






Lakewood, Horton, O’Malley or Freebush?








Reserve. :cat:


For what?

Yay you again! :see_no_evil:


Reserve for a original rebel


Which surname?


Which do you think Inshould? Cuz Inhave no idea


Whoever if it’s gonna be a he I’d love if you choose Freebush but otherwise Horton or O’Malley


Ok then… Horton, and I’ll reserve a normal rebel boy too


Okay, reserved


I’m not sure what I want to reserve for yet, but I’ll probably be reserving for a respecter. I’m not sure what kind of respecter I want yet. :sweat_smile:


Okay, I’ll just reserve all


I think reserve respecter… but not sure.


Okay, I’ll reserve you, but you can change your mind…