[WINNERS!] Rockified's Giveaway 🎁✨

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~ Friendly reminder that the contest is over in 3 days! :sparkles: Good luck :two_hearts:

Thanks for the reminder, I’m on it! :blush:

bump :see_no_evil:


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Verified, good luck! :two_hearts:

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I really enjoyed the story and hope to see more of it soon!


2 more days!! :v:t2:

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bump :see_no_evil:

@passionfruit so happy you liked it, this means a lot to me! :heart:

1 more day!!:point_up:t2::point_up:t2:

Oops I don’t know if I’ve made it. I had one chapter left. Going to bed now.

:trophy: RAFFLE WINNERS! :trophy:

iTunes Giftcard Winner~

Congratulations @penny2 !! :confetti_ball::heart:
Large & Small Cover Design Winner~

Congratulations @Jubels eray !! :confetti_ball::heart:
Profile Picture Design Winner~

Congratulations @ItzFarrah !! :confetti_ball::heart:
Full Story Read Winner~

Congratulations @passionfruit !! :confetti_ball::heart:

@rubywrites ~ You’re not left empty-handed, you won x5 story reads and will receive a story shoutout on my next episode! :two_hearts:

Congratulations, everyone’s a winner! :partying_face::heavy_heart_exclamation: Please check your DMs for a follow-up to your prizes.

This has been tons of fun and really successful, I will definitely be holding another giveaway contest with bigger prizes, keep an eye out! If anyone is interested being on the taglist, please do let me know :see_no_evil::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Nah. I’m good. Just participating was enough of a prize :heart:

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