Winter - Edit Requests ❄


Hey, it’s Winter. I started editing today and I want to keep practicing so please fill the form below out for an edit.


  • Comment once you’ve filled out the form.
  • Use the password chocolate-crowns.
  • If you use or repost my edits, credit me @winter05.episode.

-outline credit to @courtneybre_episode

-outline credit to @PerplexedJam

Request form:

~ Winter :snowflake:


@Ellie_Episode3 Request accepted. I will get working on it as soon as possible. :smile:


Ok, thank you!


hi! I’m about to request!


Thank you! :heart:


all done!


@Ellie_Episode3 Here is your edit request. So sorry about the face… and the body… and the clothes… and basically the whole edit. Thank you for requesting! :heart:



If you use or repost it, remember to credit me @winter05.episode! :wink:

~ :snowflake:


@rmtwrites Request accepted & should be complete by tomorrow. :smile:


Tysm! :slight_smile: Love it!


No problem! :blush:


thanks! xx


@rmtwrites So sorry, your edit is taking longer than expected as your braids aren’t going so well lol & I’ve been trying to learn shading and highlighting. I’ve also been unexpectedly busy these past couple days but I don’t believe I’m doing anything tomorrow and will work on your edit as much as I can. :heart:

~ :snowflake:


@rmtwrites Here is your edit. I think it has improved from the last one, and in a weird way, I like it lol. Obviously the braids aren’t good, basically non-existent but I hope you like it!



If you use it or repost it, remember to credit me @winter05.episode. :slight_smile:

~ :snowflake:


I’ve now learnt how to shade and highlight but I’m still learning how to draw outlines so now I will just add highlights & shades until I can do outlines better. :slight_smile:


I’m not requesting, just wanted to say you’re doing great :+1:t3::slight_smile:


Thank you so much!! All thanks to your help! :heart::blush:


bumping! :slight_smile:


@WinterMoon05 tysm! ily xx


You’re very welcome!! Feel free to request again (I don’t know why you’d want to but… hey! :joy:) :heart:


@adavis2112 Request accepted. :slight_smile: