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Hey, I’m Winter. You may or may not have seen me around on the forums. You can ask me questions or advice. I’ll try my best to answer any questions but if I can’t I’ll tell you I can’t. I think I’m quite good at directing but I’m not the Master! :joy:

I want to help others because I know the struggle as learning to use Episode is quite difficult on the Writer’s Portal.

I have two stories published on Episode on my personal account, one for my writing group Episode Royalty and I’m working on more. :wink:

Just to let you know, I’m not fully sure about the point system. Anyone can reply if they know how to answer the question.

If you get your help, please like this post. :slight_smile:

Winter <3


Nobody needs any help…? Anybody? :frowning: :wink:

Lol me please.

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With what? :slight_smile:

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In limelight, how do you make someone fall over? :grin:

Unfortunately, I do not believe there is a “fall” animation although there is a faint animation which you can use for both male and female. Did this clear up your problem or do you have a further question? :slight_smile:

Haha thank you :smiley: This is my first story so I’m trying my best… I would ask if you needed any help but I’m a noob at this. Are you entering the H & V contest?

No problem. Happy to help! :heart: I started but I gave up (I know tut tut tut :joy:) because I couldn’t come up with a plot quick enough. Comment if you have any more questions! :slight_smile:

Never give up! Have nice day! :grin:

You too! Good luck in the contest! :blush:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello, Winter! I would like have little help, I was wonder how to get the character walk from spot in zone 1 to spot zone 2 zoom at same time? Or walk from zone 1 to zone 2 AND pan zone 1 to zone 2 AT same time? I hope you get what I mean, English is not my first language.
Thankyou! <3

Hello @Sunakoboop

To have the camera pan and follow a character to a screen placement (e.g. screen right) use:
@follow CHARACTER to screen x in zone #

To have the camera pan and follow a character to a spot placement use:

&CHARACTER walks to spot x y in zone #
@pan to zone # in s —> [seconds]

For example:
YOU walks to spot 0.618 16 269 in zone 3
@pan to zone 3 in 2.7

Obviously you can change the time the pan takes, the spotting of the character and the zone.

Hope this helps! :wink:

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Thank you, I’ve found some help, and actually it is
You can also write:

@CHARACTER walks to spot scale x y in zone # in s and pan to zone # in s

If you want the character to run:

@CHARACTER walks to spot scale x y in zone # in s and pan to zone # in s and CHARACTER does it while walk

Just use a running animation, or anything else, really.

if you want it to zoom at the same time:

@CHARACTER walks to spot scale x y in zone # in s and pan to zone # in s and zoom on x y to scale% in s

Make sure to make all the zones and times the same numbers.

Let’s example with my story


@JUNIOR is run_fall AND JUNIOR spot 0.635 320 264 AND zoom on 530 36 to 345% in 0.2

It’s what I’m looking for. And, pretend I’m standing in zone 1, and I want to go zone 2… Then I need to put
@CHARACTER walks to spots x y in zone 2 in 3 (seconds) AND pan to zone 2 in 4 (seconds)

Those are what I’m looking for. But thank you, you’ve been helpful <3

Oh okay. Happy to help. :blush:

~bumping~ :wink:

Hey Winter! I know youuu :smiley:

I gotta quick question! Can you add an Overlay to the scene without actually changing scenes, do you know? Can this be accomplished?? o__0

I can help you with this, but what exactly do you mean, can you be a bit more descriptive?

Hey. I know you too! :joy::slight_smile:

You can use the create overlay command:
@overlay OVERLAY create

NOTE: most of the time you have to add in the shift, scales, and opacity details along with the create command to make the overlay appear in your scene.

Hope this helps! :wink:

Hmm… I’m still a little confused, but I’ll try it and see if it works!!

So, @overlay OVERLAY (this is where u put the name of the overlay?) create

is that right?