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  1. sound sound_name —> to add a sound
    sound off —> to turn sound off
    music music_name —> to add music
    music off —> to turn music off

  2. You add the weather name to the background name using the words “with effect…”


For example:


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how do you do overlays?

Check out @Dara.Amarie’s thread here: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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Hey :blush: this is my third time using episode, however for this story I gave the readers a choice in customization, but I haven’t gotten the amount I wanted. How do I add all the options in customization for the episode INK characters, because I want everyone to have very different looks and ethnicity when they’re reading and creating themselves. Please help, I’d appreciate it so much :see_no_evil:

Here’s a template that has an updated character customization:

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Thanks @RudeInception! Helpful as always. :wink:

And @cookieuncensored, use that template. :slight_smile:

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Thanks to you also :blush: is there an updated template for males as well?

Please how can i create a directory spotlight storylike like this one

Hi! So I’m a new writer, although I have been a reader for over a year now. I have some fanfiction ideas, and I think Episode helps me get a view of how I would want characters to look like. So, the last time I did any sort of coding was in my Technology class in 7th grade, and I’m almost a sophomore now, so I don’t remember how to code anything, let alone on Episode. I just need some basic tips on how to do everything, and I would like help on the (kinda new) Limelight version of characters. I am not just going to do fanfiction stuff for TV shows and things like that, just FYI. I have an original story idea actually. I just need help on how to write the coding. I just think an Episode story writer would explain it better to me than the tutorials.

Choose spotlight at the start when creating your story.
Choose cinematic at the beginning.

Then to change to spotlight use:

To change back to cinematic:

I think this is how you do it. Check out the Episode portal guides - it has a section on Spotlight format which should mention this.

NOTE: You can only do this if you start your story in cinematic.

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Please how do i write all this,is it when searching for a background? I know my question is stupid but i need help

Hey. PM me here. I’d love to help you out with coding. :wink:

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That is how to add sounds. You can add it in your script. You add it whenever you want it to start. For example:

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@LIAM spot S X Y THEN LIAM faces direction AND LIAM starts sit
&LIAM moves to layer 2
@MAXINE spot S X Y THEN MAXINE faces direction AND CHARACTER starts sit
&MAXINE moves to layer 2
and I get this error messages!
twice has that message
invalid spot"

I am trying to have Maxine in this scence INT. MUSIC AGENT OFFICE DESK OL - DAY sit in a chair and Liam in the chair on the side of the desk where the pc is at!