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Hey, I have two questions how do you add a sound to a scene and how do you add color to the text in the speech bubble thanks!

And do you know which animations give facial expressions in “the end”?

hey so im new too episodes … and i was putting cc in my story and it looks great on the computer however when i test it on my phone it looks like this image1

ive tried too use the bubble helper but it isnt working for this …

then after we get that fixed how to i remember choices made by my readers in the next episode/scene



sound sound_name
sound off 

Text effects:

Thanks to @RudeInception for this post.

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Please describe the facial expression. :slight_smile:

@speechbubble reset

To remember choices, check out @Dara.Amarie’s thread here:

~ Winter :snowflake:

Tysm! :heartbeat: btw I already figured out that with facial expressions but thanks for helping.

No problem. Happy to help! :wink:

bumping! :grin:

Hi Winter!:smiley:
I have a problem adding an overlay. I make the steps that includes the guide but when I preview the story I can’t see the overlay.
I hope you understand this because English is not my first language.
And thanks for answering our questions!

Hi. Can you send me your script please? :slight_smile:

I already fixed today :woman_facepalming:t4:
I have forgotten to add something. :joy:
Thanks for trying! :blue_heart:

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Okay, lol. You’re welcome. :grin:

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Winter, it’s me. Message me! TY

It’s Ali.

Hi, sure.


Same i have the same problem it doesn´t show when previewed on the Writer´s Portal i need help please i´m new at this stuff too but it´s so werid where it doesn´t even show if it was an error

PM me. :slight_smile:

okay :blush: