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You can’t :frowning:

Hey you can’t delete story if you created characters.

Unfortunately you can’t. Support here to give it a chance of being implemented. :slight_smile:

Bumping! :wink:

Thanks. I’m a huge noob, but do you know how to make limelight stories? I can’t only make normal ones

On mobile creation you can only make stories in Ink at the moment. Go online to the Writers Portal to write in Limelight. Show your support of adding it to mobile creation here. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I promise, this is the last question, but how do you allow the reader to customize their character? I’m such a noob, sorry :pensive:

  • For Limelight, check out Joseph Evans website for a script template.
  • For Ink, I know @Dara.Amarie has script templates on her linktree in her bio.

Don’t worry. We all have to start somewhere! Ask as many questions as you need!! :wink:

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I have both Limelight and INK :blush:

How do I make my character walk to a specific spot and fall after

@CHARACTER walks to spot x y THEN CHARACTER is faint

You could do it like that or use the run_fall animation. Hope this helps! :wink:

Another question, I made my character walk to a specific spot, but when they exited the scene she didn’t stay in the same spot. Like her body went from small to big as she exited.

You have to spot direct them offscreen

@CHAR walks to spot S X 400 in T

Usually 400 will put them off screen

Thank you! And one more question, how do I make a charcter speak while not being on screen?

Just put the character offscreen and give it some dialogue
The speechbubble will still show up on screen

I’m sorry if I’m annoying but when my character enters from zone 2 to zone 1 how do I make them walk becasue now they’re sliding

Use walking animation

Thanks @RudeInception and @Apes for helping! :wink:

As @Apes said use a walking animation so the character doesn’t slide. :slight_smile:

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How do I make my charcter change offscreen

@CHARACTER changes into clothes

Change CHARACTER to your characters name and clothes to the clothes name)