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Correct. Then you’d do the overlays positioning:

@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y
@overlay OVERLAY scales to x y
@overlay OVERLAY opacity # in T —> time

# is 0 to 1
(0 is completely invisible (hidden, gone, cannot see)
1 is very visible (the whole overlay is there and you can see it completely)
0.5 is see through, and anything between 0 and 1 makes the overlay see through.)

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Hey. You have to make the scale size a negative.

@CHARACTER spot **-**1.28 250 3

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It worked. Thank you :slight_smile:

Happy to help! :wink:

bumping :wink:

How do you make a character’s speech bubble show up on screen without having them on screen?
@WinterMoon05 ?

@KQUEEN you can place the character off screen using spot directing and then you can have character’s speech bubble appear without having them on screen.

What @BLUE2109 said. You can use the directing helper to spot the character offscreen. When the character speaks, their speech bubble will come up - just without the character.

Hope this helps!

  • Winter xx

Yessss thank you guys!

No problem. Happy to help! :wink:

Can you tell me how to delete episodes in our stories?

You can’t :frowning:

Hey you can’t delete story if you created characters.

Unfortunately you can’t. Support here to give it a chance of being implemented. :slight_smile:

Bumping! :wink:

Thanks. I’m a huge noob, but do you know how to make limelight stories? I can’t only make normal ones

On mobile creation you can only make stories in Ink at the moment. Go online to the Writers Portal to write in Limelight. Show your support of adding it to mobile creation here. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I promise, this is the last question, but how do you allow the reader to customize their character? I’m such a noob, sorry :pensive:

  • For Limelight, check out Joseph Evans website for a script template.
  • For Ink, I know @Dara.Amarie has script templates on her linktree in her bio.

Don’t worry. We all have to start somewhere! Ask as many questions as you need!! :wink:

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I have both Limelight and INK :blush: