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It worked thankk youu

How do I make a character walk up a path?

Use walking to spot and walk rear command :slight_smile:

Hi, how can you use normal (full body) limelight and spotlight in the same story & episode? I saw a story that use them both in the same episode. Thanks :slight_smile:

The story after this will be in Spotlight
set format spotlight

The story after this will be in Cinematic (Full Body)
set format cinematic

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You have to start it in full body (cinematic), then you can do what @Apes said.

@Apes Thanks for all your help while I slept lol! :blush:


I see, thankyou!


No problem. :slight_smile:

I’m back, lol. How do I work with sound and music? Mainly music?

To turn music on:
music music_name

To turn music off:
music off

To turn sound on:
sound sound_name

To turn sound off:
sound off

For music, volume won’t need to matter?

Here’s how to change the volume:

volume music V T

V = the music volume you want (which can be anywhere from 0 to 100
T = the amount of time you want the music to fade in/out, in milliseconds (in other words, if you want the volume change to happen in 2 seconds, type 2000)

Do you know what volume is used for music that stays in the background, like normal music.

No, sorry. I don’t use music much.

Hey plz help me i can’t find how to add my question but here i go so please anybody help
If narrator box speech is going , how do characters moves in background?


Hey! for your question, I think I have an answer.
You have to write this in your script :

&CHARACTER walks to …

Type your text

When you put “&” instead of “@”, the narrator box will be activated while your character is moving.

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I have to put this in between the speech ?
Or like &character is talk_happy_agree?


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Thank you so much