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Alright I have a question and I am not really sure how to word this in a way anyone would be able to understand but here goes; say I have a scene oh a character on their bed from the top view and I want to change to a scene where she is laying on her side how would I transition that smoothly ??

I would do the character in the bed then change background and use & so the character appears as soon as the seen changes and put her in the laying animation. Hope this helps!

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how do you add weather effects and sound effects?

  1. sound sound_name —> to add a sound
    sound off —> to turn sound off
    music music_name —> to add music
    music off —> to turn music off

  2. You add the weather name to the background name using the words “with effect…”


For example:


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how do you do overlays?

Check out @Dara.Amarie’s thread here: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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Hey :blush: this is my third time using episode, however for this story I gave the readers a choice in customization, but I haven’t gotten the amount I wanted. How do I add all the options in customization for the episode INK characters, because I want everyone to have very different looks and ethnicity when they’re reading and creating themselves. Please help, I’d appreciate it so much :see_no_evil:

Here’s a template that has an updated character customization:

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And @cookieuncensored, use that template. :slight_smile:

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Thanks to you also :blush: is there an updated template for males as well?

Please how can i create a directory spotlight storylike like this one

Hi! So I’m a new writer, although I have been a reader for over a year now. I have some fanfiction ideas, and I think Episode helps me get a view of how I would want characters to look like. So, the last time I did any sort of coding was in my Technology class in 7th grade, and I’m almost a sophomore now, so I don’t remember how to code anything, let alone on Episode. I just need some basic tips on how to do everything, and I would like help on the (kinda new) Limelight version of characters. I am not just going to do fanfiction stuff for TV shows and things like that, just FYI. I have an original story idea actually. I just need help on how to write the coding. I just think an Episode story writer would explain it better to me than the tutorials.