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Choose spotlight at the start when creating your story.
Choose cinematic at the beginning.

Then to change to spotlight use:

To change back to cinematic:

I think this is how you do it. Check out the Episode portal guides - it has a section on Spotlight format which should mention this.

NOTE: You can only do this if you start your story in cinematic.

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Please how do i write all this,is it when searching for a background? I know my question is stupid but i need help

Hey. PM me here. I’d love to help you out with coding. :wink:

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That is how to add sounds. You can add it in your script. You add it whenever you want it to start. For example:

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@LIAM spot S X Y THEN LIAM faces direction AND LIAM starts sit
&LIAM moves to layer 2
@MAXINE spot S X Y THEN MAXINE faces direction AND CHARACTER starts sit
&MAXINE moves to layer 2
and I get this error messages!
twice has that message
invalid spot"

I am trying to have Maxine in this scence INT. MUSIC AGENT OFFICE DESK OL - DAY sit in a chair and Liam in the chair on the side of the desk where the pc is at!

Where should i write the words i.e INT. BACKGROUND NAME

You haven’t used any spot numbers. Do you need help with the layering or positioning? :thinking:

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both please!

In your script when you want to change the background. :slight_smile:

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Okay. So, do you want Liam rear or Maxine rear? Please explain more. :slight_smile:

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Thanks dear,let me try it now

No problem. Let me know if it works for you. :wink:

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Please dear am sorry if am really giving you a hard time but it didn’t work,it says search not found

Don’t worry about it. Please send me your script.

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How? Should i screenshot it

Yes. Or copy and paste it? :wink:


Did i write it correct?

Oh, you are on mobile creator. So what are you trying to do?

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Am trying to get a background sound