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So you want to add a sound? PM me. :wink:

~ Winter :snowflake:

What should i do

PM me. :slight_smile:

Dear am new to this forum,there are some choice of words i dont understand like PM

That’s fine. I’ll PM you. It stands for Private Message.

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What are those banner thingies at the top of some stories that give you messages like “Character +1”, and how do you put them in your story?

They’re called reader messages. Here’s how you use them:

readerMessage Your Message Here


Omg thank you so much!!! I searched everywhere for the answer to this but couldn’t find it. Thank you!!!

Can you please make me a template for a scene?
If so, I was wondering if you can make one for hair and lipstick?
Hair: Diva Curls, Fishtail Braid, Straight.
Lipstick: Bordeax, Ruby Red, Blush

Check out @Apes Linktree in her bio for a hair and lipstick template. :wink:

Yes, I saw, but I was wondering if a specific one could be made?

I’m not talented in making the templates. What do you mean special? :slight_smile:

A choice with the hair options, Fishtail Braid, Straight, Diva Curls.
A choice with the lipstick options, Bordeaux, Blush, Ruby Red

So how do you want it customised? Because that’s what Apes has in her Linktree.

I wanted it done for a scene. Just for a choice.

Oh. Okay. Sorry, I can’t help you because I use other people’s templates - I don’t make my own. Try asking @Apes. :smile:

Oh okay, thank you.

No problem, I didn’t do much lol. :joy:

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Hey, I have two questions how do you add a sound to a scene and how do you add color to the text in the speech bubble thanks!

And do you know which animations give facial expressions in “the end”?