Winter’s 1K Outline Contest


Thank you so much to all my followers on IG!! I recently reached 1K followers!

Now I am holding an outline contest but you must have IG to participate. :slight_smile:




~ You can find the png’s of the outlines in my Linktree. :grin:
~ You can enter using either outline, or both.
~ Credit to @larax for these two awesome outlines! :heart_eyes:

The theme for my outline contest is Friendship. :blue_heart:

DEADLINE: 10th September, 10pm BST

I hope some people actually enter. :sweat_smile:
I look forward to seeing your entries! :heart_eyes:

~ :snowflake:


Entering! Sounds great :slight_smile:


Could you tag me when you’ve turned it to png plz?


Awesome! Thank you!! :blush:






No problem!


I’l enter

it’s horrible but ehh i tried lol


Thank you! You have to post it on Instagram to participate though. :slight_smile:


Ok lol


Wow that looks great!


@BlueMoonWolf The png version of the outline should now be in my drive which can be found through my Linktree. :grin:


Thank you!


No problem! :slight_smile:


It won’t let me open it in ibisPaint it says it’s an ipv… idk… why isn’t it working for me?


What? You have to save the png. :sweat_smile:


I was trying… it’s acting stupid and now… now I’m gonna cry


Don’t cry! I can send you the png. :slight_smile:


Okay :grin:


Do you want the one with the flower crown or the one without? :slight_smile: