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Hi, I would love to hear some feedback from you as well, if you feel like it. :blush:

Story: Fear the Night
By: W. Wiley

Story Description: You fell in love with one of them … and now there’s no going back. Do you have what it takes to survive the dark and seductive dangers of the supernatural underworld?

Genres: Listed as Fantasy in the app but I would describe it more as Dark Fantasy/Romance.

Cover: (Think of it as … me channeling my inner minimalist, lol)


Story Link:


sure, thank u for requesting!! the cover looks great by the way! :smile:
just read 3episodes of my story & i’ll be happy to get started! :two_hearts:

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| WARNING | :warning:

This review is not meant to offend anybody in any way and is meant to help the author improve.


story title: fear the night

directing: 10/10

  • the directing for the splashes was really clean and nice.
  • the directing was really neat throughout.
  • the overlays are directed really well!

grammar: 9/10

  • “ vampyre “ is supposed to be “ vampire “.

[enter relevant pic]

  • the grammar & spelling was really good throughout.
  • you don’t need to leave a space between an ellipses [ “ … “ ].

plot: 10/10

  • the plot is really interesting & has made me want to keep reading!
  • it’s not usually my story type but i’m loving this story!!

characters: 5/5

  • they’re all so good and each has their own personality!

choices: 5/5

  • the choices were all good & had effects which was also good!

extra details:

  • you had the customisation take place with a dark filter on so it was quite difficult to see what my character’s details looked like… maybe change or lighten the background just for the customisation then make it dark again.

total: 39/40
your directing is so clean and amazing and i really enjoyed the 3episodes!

Winter x

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story title: The Antara Chronicles
author name: C.W. Vilayvanh
story genre: Fantasy/adventure
story style: Limelight
*story description:*Power is desired by all. Young and old. Rich and poor. A new power awakens and threatens the ‘peace’ of the Kingdom of Antara.
story link:
have you read my story & sent me proof? : I have read Soccer Moms :Blast to the Future and it is so awesome. I love the premise.

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awesome, i’m glad u enjoyed my story! i’ll get started on ur review right away!

| WARNING | :warning:

this review is not meant to offend anybody in any way and is meant to help the author improve.


story title: the antara chronicles

directing: 6/10

  • when the customisation happens, it’s a bit weird for the character to move in thinking, maybe have them start on the screen or have them walk in.
  • the main character is too big when she’s sleeping on the bed.
  • the nurse just appeared so use the & command instead.
  • some speech didn’t have animations which made it look a bit weird.
  • the zooms were a bit weird at times.

grammar: 8/10

  • there were a few grammatical errors.

plot: 6/10

  • i’m gonna be honest, i was quite confused of the plot…

characters: 3/5

  • i liked all the characters.

choices: 4/5

  • there were a good amount of choices.

extra details:

  • u don’t need to put “ snore snore snore “ to let the reading know the character’s sleeping…

total: 24/40
_i think the story has great potential but i was just quite confused throughout. good luck!

Winter x

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Thanks for getting back to me so soon! I’ll tighten up the directing and the plot.
The snore snore snore was meant to be funny… did it not work?

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Thanks for the thread!
Here’s mine…

Title: Shado
Author: Roy
Description: After tragedy, Roy returns to civilization a changed women. She begins her crusade, determined to put things right, with the help of her trusted people,waging a one-woman on crime
Instagram : roy_episode
Style: Ink
Chapters: 5 and ongoing


Proof :

Followed you on instagram… Follow back pls…

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oh yeah i found it funny lol, i just didn’t think it was supposed to be lmao! :smile:

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great, i’ll get started ASAP!

Is a link to my story, and the first chapter is finished, but I’ve just started on the second one. I worked really hard on it, and I hope you like it! :slight_smile:

No worries ! :smile: I took your advice and did a little editing of my story. I think it’s much better now. Thank you so much! :two_hearts:

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@Addivi101 Please read my post and then fill out the form.

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i’m glad i could help! no problem! :two_hearts:

| WARNING | :warning:
this review is not meant to offend anybody in any way and is meant to help the author improve.


story title: shado

directing: 5/10

  • i wouldn’t use talk_forward when she’s in a general conversation.
  • why does she do the dancing with her hands up animation when she’s changing, it’s just a bit weird.
  • u need to use spot directing to place Roy when she’s little as the same size offscreen or she shrinks or grows when she enters/exits.
  • the drunk guy isn’t even in the car when it backs out…
  • u need to use the gun prop otherwise it can be confusing at first.
  • i recommend using speechbubble placement.
  • Roy used the talk_greet animation when asking for help with Noah, i would use a more scared action or talk_call_out.
  • i recommend using the walk_rear animation when a character is walking backwards.
  • adding zooms would make some bits look better.
  • _when adding and removing filters i recommend doing it like this: “set [enter filter details] in 0” and “reset hsl in 0”.

grammar: 9/10
there were a few missing punctuation marks but nothing major.

plot: 5/10

  • i think the intro bit with Roy knocking the other guy out went on for a bit too long, in my opinion.
  • i was a bit confused… like are Roy and her mother romantically involved? i Ford that a bit weird.
  • you literally skipped Roy winning the concert and agreeing to Noah’s date.
  • Noah said “i love you” for the second time on their date and Roy was somehow shocked?
  • _i was a bit confused with the whole jacket thing, like was it a real jacket or…? (i’m not taking any marks off for this because i might just be st00pid lmao)

characters: 2/5

  • i recommend u dont use default characters.
  • i’m confused, Noah keeps being called the driver, what?
  • Noah literally said “do you know how much i tolerate you?”, is that meant to make her feel better…?
  • who was the guy who came in while Roy was in the hospital?

choices: 2/5
there were only outfit/appearance choices.

extra details:
why would Roy wear those really short shorts out at night?

total: 23/40
i think the story has a unique plot and the grammar was really good, the directing just needs a bit of work and i was confused throughout the story but good luck!

Winter x

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Thank u :blush:

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no problem! :two_hearts:

story title: Ganglands
author name: Miss Kat
story genre: Romance
story style: INK
story description: Family is everything to Adam. Will his father change that? Anne Marie is a good girl who fears her father. Will she be brave enough to leave? If she does, will she ever be safe?
story link:
have you read my story & sent me proof? : I have, and I will post photos on my Instagram as proof. Is that okay??

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