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requests open! :blob_hearts:

Hi, I would love to hear some feedback from you as well, if you feel like it. :blush:

Story: Fear the Night
By: W. Wiley

Story Description: You fell in love with one of them … and now there’s no going back. Do you have what it takes to survive the dark and seductive dangers of the supernatural underworld?

Genres: Listed as Fantasy in the app but I would describe it more as Dark Fantasy/Romance.

Cover: (Think of it as … me channeling my inner minimalist, lol)


Story Link:

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sure, thank u for requesting!! the cover looks great by the way! :smile:
just read 3episodes of my story & i’ll be happy to get started! :two_hearts:

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| WARNING | :warning:

This review is not meant to offend anybody in any way and is meant to help the author improve.


story title: fear the night

directing: 10/10

  • the directing for the splashes was really clean and nice.
  • the directing was really neat throughout.
  • the overlays are directed really well!

grammar: 9/10

  • “ vampyre “ is supposed to be “ vampire “.

[enter relevant pic]

  • the grammar & spelling was really good throughout.
  • you don’t need to leave a space between an ellipses [ “ … “ ].

plot: 10/10

  • the plot is really interesting & has made me want to keep reading!
  • it’s not usually my story type but i’m loving this story!!

characters: 5/5

  • they’re all so good and each has their own personality!

choices: 5/5

  • the choices were all good & had effects which was also good!

extra details:

  • you had the customisation take place with a dark filter on so it was quite difficult to see what my character’s details looked like… maybe change or lighten the background just for the customisation then make it dark again.

total: 39/40
your directing is so clean and amazing and i really enjoyed the 3episodes!

Winter x

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