Winter's Character Details Sheet ! :blob_hearts:

Um just the font you used for my other request please

okay great! x

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@CreativelyCam i hope you like them! i tried my best with the blood but i’m not sure how much you’ll like it… :see_no_evil::sparkles:

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It’s amazing !

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awesome, i’m so glad! :two_hearts:

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trust me don’t Be surprised if I request again

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i rlly appreciate it! :joy::joy::joy::two_hearts:

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bumpp!! :blob_hearts:

requests open still! :blob_hearts:


Here’s my request :blush:


character name: - Tristan

character style: - Limelight

character details: -

Skin: Rose 03

Brow: Straight Medium Scar

Brow colour: Chestnut Brown

Hair: Wavy Messy

Hair colour: Chestnut Brown

Eye: Male Generic

Eye colour: Blue Green

Face shape: Square Jaw

Nose: Straight Narrow

Lip: Full Heart Natural

Lip colour: Pink Beige Gloss

outfit details:

High Top Hipster Canvas Gray

Skinny Jean Rolled Cuff Denim Grey Black

Cable Knitted Hooded Jacket With Undershirt Wool Warm Grey

character pose/animation: - idle_armcrossed_awkward

background: -

font style & colour: - any is fine thanks


character name: - Talia

character style: - Limelight

character details:

body colour: Gold 05

eyebrow shape: Round Thin High

eyebrow colour: Deep Brown

eyes shape: Deepset Almond

eye colour: Blue Green

hair style: Sleek Ponytail

hair colour: Black Jet

nose shape: Defined Natural

face shape: Heart Soft

lips shape: Full Heart Pouty

lip colour: Rose Matte

outfit details:

Ankle Lengthtight Grey Black

Open Toe Platform Stiletto Laced Leather Black

Twist Top Tank Cotton Pink Salmon

Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Silver

Quilted Pattern Panelling Belted Open Jacket Grey Cool Dark

Studded Belt Leather Black

character pose/animation: - idle_armscrossed_shifteyes

background: -

font style & colour: - any Is fine

Thanks xx

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awesome, i’ll get started right away! :smile:

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@AshlynG i hope you like them! :sparkles:

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Wow that was quick and i love it - Tysm!!

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i’m glad, no problem! :two_hearts:

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bump! :blob_hearts: