Winter's Outfit & Character Request Thread (OPEN)


Hi everyone. Winter here!

I love creating outfits and characters for my own stories and I’ve had compliments of my outfits and characters in my story Rivals. I can do Limelight and Ink outfits. For characters I’m better at designing Ink characters although I can so Limelight. If you would like to request an outfit or characters fill out the forms below. You can request as many outfits or characters as you like.


  1. You must credit me for what I make you.
  2. Don’t keep asking if I’ve done it - I’ll reply if I’ve accepted your request.
  3. Comment if you have filled out the form.
  4. Don’t to request something if you know you’re not going to use it.
  5. If you don’t like what I make, tell me and let me know what I should change.
  6. Be understanding and kind please.

Here’s a link to a doc I created with outfits I’ve used for my own stories:

It would also be nice if you could check out my stories ‘Rivals [Limelight]’ or ‘In the Shadows’. :slight_smile:

Link for outfit request form:

Link for character request form:

Winter <3


@WinterMoon05 just requested an outfit

Sent you a PM. :wink:

Just a question, do you update them to the catalog or are they for your episode only?

Sent you a PM. :slight_smile:

whats a PM

PM = Private Message

ohhhh makes since

I just requested an outfit!

Can someone explain to me what an outfit request is? Like I have no idea what this thread is about and if we do request an outfit what happens and how do we use it?

I make an outfit from the specifications you choose on the form, then screenshot what clothes I’ve used so the person can use that outfit. It’s if the person doesn’t have time to be making outfits or can’t be bothered or anything else. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’ll check it out now. :wink:

Your request has been accepted. I will get to it as soon as I can. :slight_smile:

@Leiani719 Your request has not been accepted. Make sure to read my rules.

@odillew Your requests have been sent to you through PM. :wink:

Could I maybe see some examples of outfits you made so I can get a idea of your style? And do you do this free or do we have to pay some way?

Here’s a link to a doc I created with outfits I’ve used for my own stories:

It is free although it’d be nice if you read one of my stories and left fanmail but that’s not compulsory. :slight_smile:

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They look pretty cool! when I need some outfits ill definitely request!

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Thanks so much! :blush:

-bumping- :wink: