Winx Club (The New Live Action Show) Fate: The winx saga

Their new spin on it is terrible, Winx was a very fun show. With this new rendition, they really sucked any and all life out of it. I started watching a few episodes and it’s honestly almost unrecognizable? They literally made every single member of Winx is a huge jerk, minus Aisha who remains pretty level headed/nice.

Also, where are Stormy, Icy, and Darcy? The rest of the specialists besides Sky and Riven? Kiko? Nut?
They got rid of some of the best characters, in my opinion. Had they not white washed it and sucked it lifeless, I really think Winx could have been better than this.


The Trix were all wrapped into one person “Belletrix”


Ik some of the changes get on my nerves like where is techna Ik she wasn’t the most popular character but she is meant to be there

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NO one was watching Winx for realism. They just named it Winx to get fans of the old show to watch it. The idea that now that we’ve grown up, THIS is what we want to see is stupid. I’d much rather go back and watch every episode of Winx like I did when the 7th season ended


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