Wish List: Kids Campaign!

Hey there!
I was just informed that my original thread asking for things like clothes, accessories, and such to make the current models of Episode characters look more like kids as well as kid animations, was joined with a preexisting thread by MdSava which alone has like 500 bumps and supports on it.

Right now the thread combined has 1.5k bumps and supports altogether but more is always nice to get Episode’s attention and possibly get this long wanted update featured as the next art release.

If you like this idea and want to support the original post of MdSava’s thread then please follow the link to do so, or if you want to do a little scrolling and find my thread and like that, that would be fine too.


CHARACTERS: Adding children

I go into a little bit more detail on what exactly we could do and how it could work if you’re interested to know the details.
If you’re not interested in any of this just ignore, no comment or bump required this is just a heads up to anyone who may have missed these amazing threads. Feel free to like and support any threads featured❤️.



I put this post in this forum because it is Episode related but it is neither an actual feature nor does it requires actual bumps it’self. Please bump the thread listed and not this post. thnks


its against the rules to advertise already existing threads


I read over the guidelines but I don’t see where it says that. This is all I could find,

  • Posting spam and/or re-posting closed, modified, or previously deleted content. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • The plugging and/or advertising of non-Episode related websites, items, or content;
    • Posting links to phishing, hacking, keygens or cheating apps or software in order to gain more passes/gems;
    • Posting or linking to pornographic or pirating sites;
    • Creating threads with no topic of conversation. (IE: I’m bored, random chat thread, Rant/Unpopular Opinion threads etc.)
    • Creating threads or replies with oversized or excessively large font styles.
  • Repetitively posting in the wrong forum (ex: sharing stories in the Episode Fan Community or creating content in the incorrect sub forum). If you are unsure where to post something our moderators are happy to help!

But since the original post was neither previously deleted, closed, or modified, in anyway I’m pretty sure it doesn’t apply here.

If you could just show me exactly where it says I can’t advertise pre-existing posts in the guidelines that would be really helpful in helping me better understand the rules and I can have a vaild reason to ask a moderator to close this thread for breaking the rules. Otherwise I can’t find the section you mean.

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I see, I really wish they would clear up their wording to specify that clearly in the guidelines then if they expect anyone to enforce it. As it stands now I had no idea because of how weirdly worded the guidlines are. Also we’re allowed to campaign our stories and not have it be considered “spam” but can’t campaign our wish threads. Seems selectively arbitrary but rules are ruled I guess. Thnks for the heads up.