Wishend's Cover/Splashes Shop [CLOSED]

sorry wishends

I mean whishend

It’s okay, please don’t advertise in the future.


I’m working my way through the chapters, but how is this for a template?

It’s beautiful! I’m wondering if you can use a “brighter” font, kinda like what you gave @bethanyk14. The color is awesome, and looks beautiful.


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Also please move the words up a tiny bit.

thank you

Do you have a specific font in mind?

OMG …you make such good covers! Do you think you can make me one,please.

Not really lol
Just something like you gave bethany.
(Your art is amazing!)

Sure, just fill out the information at the beginning of the thread :grinning:

Okay, and thanks!

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No, thank you. The work you’re doing is amazing - if I wasn’t broke, I’d pay for this quality of work!

That means a lot, thanks!

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No problem!

Thank you so much your the bomb.

How is this?

Sure! Just fill out the template of information at the beginning of the thread!
(I’ll need to start on it tomorrow as I’m getting kind of busy.)