Wishful Wednesday

Hey, there! First of all, Thankyou for checking this thread out,

What am I going to do here?
I know a lot of people go through tough times, This thread is basically a place where there will be only motivational talks, to cheer u up a bit,
Why wishful Wednesday?
Because, I’ll post a motivationalish speech here every Wednesday, (y’all, feel free to give ur opinions or speeches, anytime) And it will be a topic you all would ask for! Ik, I am not the best person round here who is motivational, but hey! I gotta try right, because that’s where goodness starts,


My Inspirational...Idk What To Call It...

I’ve been dealing with suicidal thoughts for a long time. I recently just stopped cutting myself, actually. This is how.
I kept telling myself that everyday, I was alive for a reason. I told myself that I lived to the current day for a reason. Because I want to be alive. Deep down, I knew that I didn’t want to die.
I consulted in my friends. They always kept me going when I was down. I remember one of them said to me this one day, “ Your days are limited. Everybody dies eventually, so why end it early? Why not make the most of life? “ It really helped me, because it’s true.
Tell somebody what you’re dealing with. If they say it’s just a phase, keep telling people you trust until one of them helps you. Yes, it’s scary, but it’s better than taking your own life.

Well thanks for reading that if you did…


Wow :gift_heart:
Honestly that was touching, I am so glad you decided that living is a better option.


So I guess i should try to be inspirtaional too. Because why not?

I have seen a lot of people say that there is no point in living but i dont believe so. On the contrary i find that when you are in the owrst problem ever thats when you are the closest to your happiness. Its like your happiness is out there behind the darkness. If you manage to make it through the hardships you’ll eventually find it. Life wont have put you through something if you werent capable enough to handle it.

Motivated? No? Welp! At least i tried.

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So true!

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bows gracefully but falls down

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picks you up

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