Wishing the community a very happy new year

2019 has been an exciting discovery for me as a writer and not in a million years did I think I’d get into animated story writing.

My adventure started on another writing app called Plotagon which is actual animations and there I created my first story; Intro.

A few months on I moved platforms and accidentally found myself here on episode where I decided to merge my plotagon story with my episode story. During the last few months I met a lot of amazing people and talented authors, whether you’re the editing type or an artist or a coder, I would have not learnt half of the things I know now if it wasn’t for you lot so thank you!

I will be signing off now and heading over to the New Year’s Eve party but join me on Instagram @josiej8 to watch the shenanigans.

Next year I will continue to work on my story: Second Chance and Im also working on a little comedy/fantasy story too so keep your eyes peeled!

To everyone who joined my mental health campaign on instagram, I shower you with a million thanks! Let’s hope to keep it going!

See you next year!!


Happy new year :tada::tada:

You too

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Happy New Year’s Eve!! Currently it’s 1:30 pm where I am

Ooh where do you live

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The US (United States)

Nice! Greetings from the UK

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Happy New Year! :tada::tada::tada:
It’s 10pm for me rn

Nice, happy new year to you too

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