Wishlist Wish: Kids

I think we can all agree this is a long time coming, however with Episode’s most recent guideline updates and their rule about kids in the cover art I’m not sure how likely this is to happen but I thought I would attempt to bring more attention to the issue.


People REALLY want kids. More than anything they want kids. I’ve seen posts asking for kids with 550 plus likes on it which is more than any post I have ever seen get.

(will most likely be linked below with other posts asking for kids).

The quest for kids in Episode is a big one, but the execution is seemingly even bigger. The amount of assets that would have to be implemented is numerous, animations would have to be adjusted to compensate for interactions with children, a whole new wardrobe specially designed for their small most likely differently shaped bodies, the effort to make kids a thing in Episode would be tremendous! That is not to say it could never happen, but what about a compromise?

A lot of Episode writers, who I have great respect for, actually use kids in their Episodes, (or at least models that look kind of like kids). Kids are a common occurrence in Episode whether through flashbacks or a character having kids, however, it would be nice if every kid in an Episode didn’t have to wear a bulky jacket in every scene to cover up their shapely adult bodies. So my wish is simple really. I would like Episode to create clothes, animations, and facial designs, props, ect, to help writers make characters look younger. Kind of like they did with the old faces but in reverse.

Here is an example of what I mean;


These are characters that already kind of look like kids with just the outfits available on Episode, but it would probably look even better with things such as,

  • facial options. A few larger than normal eyes as kids usually have bigger looking eyes than adults (also extra cuteness!) rounder kid shaped faces as a choice (though the soft round for women already works pretty well!) Softer eyebrows, more smallmouth options as kids usually have smaller lips, softer noses more like “button round” maybe?

  • Colorful clothes and outfits that make the chest of the female models a lot less noticeable. So basically make everything fit wide like the coats already do. (no curves or chest)

  • Lots of cute kid stuff! Dresses with teddy bears on them, hair bows, brightly colored shirts with kid imagery on them, backpacks, and other such kid-themed clothes, more bandage placement options,

  • Kid props, Teddy bears for kids to hold, kid books to read, toys for kids to hold and play with, foods like popsicles and ice cream cones to eat.

  • Kid animations! Playing with toy animations, skipping, and a reaching up to hold hand animation rear, are the only animations I could think of since there are so many already that could work with kids, and the reach up animation would just be alongside the holding hands animation that already exists in the Episode portal.

Even if Episode eventually decides to make a completely new model for kids and go through all the trouble their assets won’t go to waste because some can just be used in general and some can just be rolled over to the new kid models so there is no harm in putting time and resources into it. Also, flat-chests could be considered a new body type for women, it could work for trans men or just women with a smaller chest size. The kids clothes could also work for lolita inspired fashion as well.

Lastly, below are the links to all the Episode Forum writers who also asked for children/kids to be in Episode stories, just to prove that a lot of people would like this update.

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Maybe it wouldn’t be the solution forever but done well enough I think it could work for a long time, also something is better than nothing in this case. Please consider based on this thought process❤️

Disclaimer: This idea is not souly mine to claim, this idea has been mentioned by a lot of people. This is simply a culmination of all of their suggestions along with a few of my own. Please do not flag this as a repeat topic! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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