Witchcraft & Wizardry Art Group ๐ŸŒž!


Calling all artists!

Mr. Flamel is opening a boarding school for talented witches & wizardsโ€ฆ we need you to illustrate their adventures! Each day, I will give you instructions for an art scene, etcโ€ฆ and you have a week or two to make it (or a day, or twoโ€ฆ).

I will create the RP thread soon.

Please sign up here!

Thank you.
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New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

I subbited it :grin:


Thank you @MaliyahArtsy and @linalilly10 for joining! You have both been accepted.






Submitted, is it ok if I put multiple checks on โ€œwhat kind of art do you prefer to make?โ€ question?


Yes! It is meant for that.


when can we start


I was accepted right? :sweat_smile:




Into the art group! Thank you!


when do we start


First Art โ€œChallengeโ€

Welcome to your first art challenge! Others, it is not too late to enter! All of you will have one or two days to make an introduction splash. I will choose one.

This splash will contain:

A title: Mr. Flamelโ€™s School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry
A subtitle: Challenge One
Background: You choose! Anything related to the wizarding world or an abstract one.
You may add symbols, emojis, etcโ€ฆ

Tags of people who entered this art group: @MaliyahArtsy @linalilly10 @ShortSpaces @MysteriousAcro


yaya @ForeverMagic112 wanna join


when is it due also maybe we chat on discord or on pm




Could you add episode characters? I know itโ€™s not a cover, but I think it would be more appealing


Please fill in the form @ForeverMagic112 as shown in the topic.


Yes, of course! Anything you would likeโ€” as long as itโ€™s related to that kind of magic.