🖤 Witch's Art Shop 🖤 [CLOSED]

Welcome, ladies and gents, to my very personal art shop!

Here I’ll make all your art-dreams come true, or at least some of them, since it’s just me here, ya know :scream_cat::crying_cat_face:

What can I do for you?
Pretty much anything. From covers and splashes, through backgrounds and overlays, to outlines, arts, avatars, generally everything that comes to your mind!

A Lil smt 'bout me, if you're interested

So, my name is Kat (short for Katarina). I’m 19 yrs old Polish girl, completely in love with graphics and games. I’m a freelancer and streamer for a living. If you’d want to support me check my Instagram! All the links are there.
Tysm! :black_heart:

So, without further ado, I’ll let you see some of my work and then, after learning the rules, you can place your order!

LL covers


INK covers

I prefer to do LL edits, so here’s my one and only ink work


My drawings

(HEY, this is an art for my upcoming story “417 days”. Make sure to check it out , if you like this little art scene :wink: )



General do's and don'ts
  • Do not ask for cover/splash/any artwork if you are not going to use it. I spend my free time doing this, so please, respect that.
  • Do not ask more than one artist to do something for you, because you’re going to use only one art anyways, and as above, we’re doing this for free, in our free time
  • Do say, if someone else did an art for you, in case I went missing and there was no way to contact me, so I won’t do it, when I come back.
  • Do give credits. It’s as important to me, as to any artist, because someone might want me to do an art for him/her, and that’s what makes it all work.
  • Do not claim my work as your own. Yes, it is for your story, and yes, it kind of belongs to you, but it doesn’t change the fact that you did not make it!
How to properly request
  • Just post a comment here or DM me here, or on my instagram.
    It is not required for you to follow me, but I’d be really nice :wink:

  • Start the request thread with the type of art you want.

  • Try to keep your request organized, so I can find what I need in it, when I need it (using “summary” is a cool thing, if you’re requesting on forum)
    You can use any shop’s template to keep your request organized, or create your own, idc really, how you do it, I won’t accept messy ones.

  • Give me an overall outline of what you would like it to look like, and by that I mean:
    Backgrounds, poses, vibe of the story, vibe of the art, etc.
    Any specific information will be helpful and will make my work faster and easier!

  • If you want any characters to be included in your artwork, please remember to attach your char deets, as well as names of the clothes they’re wearing.
    I do not accept pictures of characters, only written details

  • Once your request is accepted all you gotta do is wait, BUT

I will be sending you sketches of what I did to eventually consult some changes with you, or just to make sure everything is the way it should be, to avoid possible redoing’s of finished work, and to save some time - mine’s and yours.
What’s important, I won’t continue my work, until you respond, so make sure to check your inbox and notifications regularly!


Final provisions

By placing an order you agree to those terms and conditions:

  • I will use the work I received.
  • I will be honest about the work, whether I like it or not.
  • I will not claim the art as my own.
  • I will give credit to the artist.
  • I will try my best to be nice, patient and respectful towards not only the artist, but all the people posting here! (pretty sure it’s already in the forum regulations, but ye, just in case)

And I, as an author of this post and as an artist in this thread, will do my best to be nice and respectful towards anyone, as well as patient and understandable towards every single, little muffin, posting here in hope of getting some art done.

Also, I reserve all the right to post on my instagram and to add to this thread anything I made for you, as an personal advertisement of my skills.
If you do not wish to be tagged on my ig as author of the story, just add this, at the end of your request.
And here’s the password: Do your magic~
Don’t forget to
[spoiler] PASSWORD [/spoiler]
so you can hide it, to make sure everyone posting read the rules :wink:

Stay cool, and stay sweet, fellas.


Hey!!!Can I have something like this?

Password:do your magic

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Character details:

ur art looks rlly good!! :heart_eyes:

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I’m not accepting any requests without password.
I just want to be sure, that everyone, who’s asking for art actually read rules, so we don’t have any misunderstandings.

Also, tysm @WinterMoon05 :black_heart: Means a lot 2me!

Love ya, guys.


Hey!!!I made sure to read the rules carefully and I put the password

Hello. I was wondering if I could request a splash :heart:

Do your magic


I would like for it to say “Please be advised. Leilani’s actions and beliefs may be different from your own.”

Background: Anything red and black
Font: Cursive
Font Color: White

I’d probably need it in 2 or 3 days

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no problem! me and my friend will most likely be here for a request very soon so save a spot! :wink::joy::two_hearts:


Hey! Could you also send MC’s outfit details? It’s much faster for me to just type in the names of it. Just like you did with male character will do.
If you do so, I’ll get started right away.

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Yes of course!!!I’ll be right back

Do you draw Limelight covers? If yes in a min I’ll send the details.

Make sure to check your PM soon!

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Thank you :blush:

Can you also add the scar on your art?

I’m not the best drawing artist, but I can surely try, hoping you’d like it.


Of course I’ll like it!!!I’m sure it will be amazing!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Make sure to check your PM soon, to accept the sketch or to suggest some changes.

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It’s very late where I live but I’ll try to stay awake for as long as I can

Don’t wory, you can check it tomorrow, sketch itself will take me some time, near to 2 hours, probably.