Witch's Cabin Interior

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some interior backgrounds for a fantasy witch’s cabin in the woods. I want it to feel all mismatched and cluttered with herbs hanging and a large cauldron at the fireplace. I’ll be needing a variety of backgrounds and have created a board on Pinterest of the sort of thing I’m going for, please help if you can.

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Hey love,
You can put a request this sweetheart , she wont disappoint you

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Thank you, I will but I might postpone it as it looks like I am going to be doing the new LDR Contest.

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Hey! I created 2 cool witch house backgrounds a while ago!)
I can send how it looks if you are still interested.


Please, I am still going to write the story but the contest comes first now.

Background screenshots

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These are lovely, but the story is about a girl living alone with her parents so I need 2 separate bedrooms.

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Oh, okay!
I guess these are not working out :frowning_face:

I might use the living room one though