Witch's Curse Promoting/R4R


If you would like a R4R, let me know, but I do require screen shot proof that you read mine first before I’ll read yours because I’ve been ghosted one too many times. I can only do 3 for 3, as I only have 3 episodes out. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here is my latest story.

Witch’s Curse

By Mi



3 episodes (more coming soon)

Can Logan save his dad from a family curse, while dealing with a witch’s ghost? Follow his journey to find out. CM Multiple Endings

IG: mi_episode.interactive


my story isnt out yet but i’ll make sure to give urs a read :pleading_face:


when yours drops send me the info and i’'ll read yours!


tysm hun :pleading_face: :sparkles:


Hey there, I’m up for r4r! I’ve got 8 chapters out
My story:
Title: Ring of life
Genre: fantasy
Style: Limelight
Author: emma.writes.episode
Description: A ring. It keeps you alive, it kills you without. When taken away, the former owner dies. If you are chosen, there is no coming back. Can you complete your mission?

Title: Feel My Pulse
Author: Abby
Genre: Romance/mystery/fantasy
Instagram: @abby_stories

I’m going to read yours now and will be back with screenies. Here is mine.

Story description:
He’s a hot, heartless, irresistible vampire.You’re a powerful vampire slayer!What happens when you end up struggling to resist him and his charms?Will he love you,or kill you?CC

Story Title: EAT STAKE
Author: Sinead O’Neill
Genre: Romance, fantasy, drama, mystery
Style: LL
Insta: sineadoneill.lovestowrite

Very interesting and mysterious story I have to say.

This was funny lol.

Uh oh…

sure i’m down to swap some r4rs, i can only do 3 at the moment, so screen shot me that you read mine and then i’ll read yours and screen shot for you too!

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got you on my r4r list, love!

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is this for a r4r or you just posted your story here?

Thank you. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

I read your story!
Here are my ss



I liked reading it!

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aww thanks, i’ll put yours on my list and screen shot when i’m done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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here’s my screen shot proof, i liked the funny bits like this one

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ok i finished my 3 here’s the screen shot proof.

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Thank you!

i’ve got room on my r4r list, so keep em coming!

Heyyy I would love to do R4R. I’ll send you screenshots when I’m done with yours :wink:

You can chose the sexuality you are interested in: girls, boys or both.

Story Name: The God Slaves
Genre: fantasy
Story Description: On your 18 birthday everything changes. You end up in the dark fantasy world of Daemonium, where everything you ever believed in turns out to be wrong.
My cover:

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6474601867706368
Instagram Handle: lidezutt.episode
Episodes: 6
Style: limelight

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sure 3 for 3 is all i can do at the moment, once i see your screen shots i’ll start yours :grin:

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