Wolf Overlay help! :D

Hey Lovelies I’m back again :ppp

I also need a ginger wolf with gold eyes please as an overlay Preferabally with it sideways please.

I would credit you everytime I use it and I need it asap please.
Tysm for your help and cooperation!

~ George :black_heart:


bump :)) (please lol :sweat_smile:)


hey would this one work


Oh… YES tysm!! :pp

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hey here’s another if you wanted the white wolf!

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Idk I tried the eyes but… Yeah they turned out strange :sweat_smile:

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tysm ;DD

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thank youuuu :pp

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bump :)))

Kind of late but I have these two wolf overlays

Though you may have to remove background

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tysm! These will deffo come in handy!!

Let me see if I can find a ginger one since I saw that you need one

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thank you boo <3

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More wolves


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thank youuu :)))))

Your welcome :pray:

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Hi, if you still need wolfs…I have a wolf overlay pack, you can dm me on IG (@goldenwaterlily) if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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would I be able to use the white wolf overlay and if so who do I credit?