Wolf pictures for story (awesome ones...)

Hey everyone!

Does anyone know where i can get some really good wolf pics please? i will credit where they come from but dont want to accidentally copyright infringe anything…

i really need a pretty stunning black wolf with ice blue eyes looking fearsome and a white (like super white, crystal looking) wolf ideally also blue eyes…

Thanks in advance for any tips…
Gem x


So I found some white wolf (with blue eyes of course) images in this websites which are copy right free. I would recommend pixabay (which is my favorite one) although I didnt find any for the black wolf, I’m so sorry!!

If I were you I would take a random black wolf image from pixabay and change the eye color, good luck!

White Wolf

White wolf
White wolf 2
White wolf 3 I think this is the best one
White wolf 4 Side view
White wolf 5 Running


Idk if you wanted an overlay! But I found one online that copyright free and good for use!


Ah thankyou so much! ill def go look at that site now! xxx

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Oooh that’s lovely! thankyou so much for the help! xxx

the pictures you found are beautiful btw! thankyou! xxx

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No worries!! :heart: