Wonderful Cover Art Needed! *NO GROUPS*


Hi! I’m creating a story and have requested cover art from three people, I discovered today that two of them blocked me and the other has tons of requests ahead of mine.

I’m not sure why I was blocked but oh well. I’m looking for someone who can create magnificent cover art that will make my story stand out. Please send examples if you think you can do it, I understand if it takes up to a week, but please update me on progress. I need it by August 23rd if that’s possible. Thank you!

Insta: @Kxtieiswise


Does it have to be drawn or realistic?


@Sau is amazing see your examples





Either is fine!


If they are that good they are probably busy tbh


Shes not i sked ee. Minute ago


ah okay!


@NattyGomez or @raybadem are great


She’s sleeping and will be on tomorrow I send her examples in the mean time


Just checked them out and they aren’t exactly what I’m looking for. Sorry!



80D8864B-1482-4E75-9324-5DEB0745461E 7973968A-8E6E-47A9-90A3-9707B868D8A1


hmmm I love finding artists lol

@DeathlyCow or @kerubiel??


I just met her today since we’re in the same group


OMG that’s amazing! could you get her to contact me on instagram? @kxtieiswise


I’ll check them out (btw im a huge miraculous fan)


Yeah sure I tell her when she wakes up and I told her she’s a godness vut she said no lol


thank you!


omg thxx.

@kerubiel has a matching pfp with me, she has chat noir.


hey, @xGreeni, do you need @kerubiel’s examples???