Wondering how to fix this

Hi! I was wondering why I keep getting these errors, even when there are matching brackets? I’ve encountered this issue a few other times now, and I’ve only been able to resolve it by posting here or by searching for other people’s posts who’ve had the same problem. However, I don’t want to have to keep posting and taking up people’s time when the issue is likely something I could fix myself. I was just wondering if anybody knows why it keeps saying “there is a { on line that does not have a matching }” (when there is a bracket to match)? Thank you so much and I’m sorry I keep posting :sob:

your missing an end bracket on line 5199. you only end the no choice, but not the he him choice.

You need another closing bracket in lines 5188,5198, and probably in line 5209 ( can’t see that part)
You have a choice inside a choice, which makes two choices, so you need 2 closing brackets if that makes sense for you.

Go through your choice and make sure that each section has a closing } after each option in it.

If they all do, then add a } after your last option

} “last option name” {
goto label_name