Won't let me publish story although my backgrounds are approved

Hey guys, I have added my own backgrounds to a story I am writing, now when I go onto my backgrounds they all say they are approved but it won’t allow me to publish my story, I have met the guidelines in order to publish but it won’t let me publish my story, any ideas? TIA

Are there any errors in your story? That sometimes can affect whether or not you can publish your story.

Did you save your script after your backgrounds got approved?

There are many possible reasons why it won’t let you upload your story, including the fact that overlays and backgrounds haven’t been approved.

Since you said that yours have been approved, then maybe it’s one of these reasons:

You need to have at least 3 episodes with lengths of 400+ lines
You need to check the box accepting the terms & conditions
Your story must be error free to be published
Or maybe there is a glitch on the system. Close the tab and open a new one

I hope this helped!!! :wink:

I have met the episode guidelines to allow me to publish the episodes @daniolugbile but thanks, and no I didn’t Alex_98, that is why lol thank you so much hehe


send a ticket to pocket gems, or if you have twitter, tweet about it and tag episode, they will respond! I did it about 3 days ago because of a problem on my episode!!!