Won't show them running away

It won’t zoom reset so you only see half of them leaving


&PLACEHOLDER spot 0.299 136 424 in zone 2
&PLACEHOLDER moves to layer 18
&PLACEHOLDER faces right

&PLACEHOLDER is idle_phone_hold_sad

&MORGAN FREEMAN spot 0.353 87 396 in zone 2
&MORGAN FREEMAN moves to layer 3
&MORGAN FREEMAN faces right

@MORGAN FREEMAN changes into best man

    MORGAN FREEMAN (talk_reassure)
Don't worry , she's probably just a bit late.

    PLACEHOLDER (talk_awkward)
Or she has second thoughts..

    MORGAN FREEMAN (talk_gossip)
Nah, she'll be here before you can say-

@zoom on 640 317 to 269% in 0

@JANE spot 0.317 22 414 in zone 3
@JANE moves to layer -1

@JANE walks to spot 0.317 248 416 in zone 2 AND JANE does it while run_fall

@JANE is idle_fallen

@zoom on 585 327 to 688% in 0

@remove JANE

@YOU changes into Battered

@YOU spot 0.317 248 416 in zone 2 AND YOU is idle_fallen AND YOU faces left

@YOU is stand_up

    YOU (startled_surprised)
(oh crap...)

@zoom on 412 297 to 269% in 0

@PLACEHOLDER is idle_jawdrop AND MORGAN FREEMAN is idle_jawdrop

@pause for a beat

@zoom reset

@pause for 2

&MOTHER walks to spot 0.542 226 307 in zone 1 AND MOTHER is run_cry

&LADY walks to spot 0.452 260 360 in zone 1 AND LADY is run_athletic

&ANGEL walks to spot 0.380 267 404 in zone 1 AND ANGEL is run_athletic_offset

&WOLF walks to spot 0.479 66 349 in zone 3 AND WOLF is run_athletic

&AUDIOBOOK walks to spot 0.371 56 388 in zone 3 AND AUDIOBOOK is run_neutral

&ANGEL BOUNCER walks to spot 0.299 30 418 in zone 3 AND ANGEL BOUNCER is run_athletic_offsetif thing starts here

@zoom on 640 317 to 269% in 0


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Have you tried writing:
&zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0

I’m not sure if this will make a difference; I’m not sure why the zoom isn’t resetting…

It didn’t work

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Yea, I really don’t know. That’s quite peculiar.

Anyone you know who can help?

Maybe @Farah_DeSantis can help?

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if you dont want them to leave with the zoom you have as last line than change the line above from & to @


or simply delete the last line with the zoom if you do not need it

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