Word Art/Text Art Overlays

I’ve been looking for a detailed word art or text art overlay of my story’s title. Anyone know any creators that do this?

You can make text overlays by yourself!
Just use this website: Text design


I will be saving that for future use, thank you! I’m just looking for some sort of art to go with it though so I was wondering if anyone makes them and could create one for me

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Of course! :green_heart:

How exactly do you mean - art to go with it?

I meant like kinda having little details on the words like a stencil type font or a neon ish looking font with an art attached (like a butterfly or a star or something)

Maybe I can help you!
Just write all the info you want me to know and put there and I’ll do my best.

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:blush::face_with_peeking_eye: Just in case you’d like to try out doing it yourself using the methods that I normally use; you could write out whatever words you’d like with whatever brush you’d like in Procreate and save it as a PNG or you could upload a blank background to Phonto and add your desired text on top off it and adjust the glow, colors, gradients, shadows etc - if none of the fonts are what you’re looking for, you can always import fonts from other websites too like dafont.com for example.

I think there are a few websites around for creating text as well like befunky.com and textstudio.com (which have been shared my @Marysol.Episode in other threads baha).


My story’s name is “Free Falling” and I want it to be a neon cursive sort of font in Blue & White, with the first word being blue and the last word being white and slightly overlapping the first maybe. (have no idea what you call it, but I’ll provide an example) and a blue butterfly on the last letter (the g)

& a separate one saying “By Tay” in Blue

Sorry if I’m being overly specific! It’s totally okay if you don’t want to! Thank you sm for helping! :slight_smile:

Some examples:

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I tried making it

I’m so sorry I meant on the g! but this is actually amazing! tysmm, would you like credit?

I swear I saw on the E

Would you like the “By Tay” in a different font? or style?

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Maybe like an italic type font but in blue or white

Italic cursive or italic regular? And is the B in capital

the b is lowercase and Italic regular is okay

Neon too?


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It would help me to help other people too! But that’s your choice 🫶🏾

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I definitely will, tysm!!

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