Word Overlay Creator

Hey everyone, I’m back again. For my upcoming story, I’ve decided to try out animating overlays and such for a custom introduction. I’m looking for someone that could potentially help me make custom word overlays with fonts I find around. It shouldn’t be too complicated, I’m just looking for some basic things such as my characters names, my story title and Author’s name, and some episode ones (Episode 1, Episode 2…ect)

I will have all the fonts ready for anyone who can help me as I’ve been font hunting for a week. If anyone can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated!

So basically you need someone to make you text overlays ?

Yeah :blush:

Oh okay I may be able to help message me if you want me to help you :blush:

Awesome, thank you so much. I’m driving at the moment but I will when I get home

Alright :two_hearts:

Drive safe

I will, thanks love :two_hearts:

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