Word Overlays Needed ! (Please Help)

Good evening,
I am looking for someone to help make word overlays for my upcoming story. I just need overlays for setting/date and a to be continued overlay.

Thanks so much for considering me!


I can help you. :blush: Can you give me some details?


Oh thank you!

I just needed four setting word overlays with dates:
-Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1776
-Berkshire, England 1856
-Busan, South Korea 1974
-Manhattan, New York 2021

Then I need a “To Be Continued” overlay.

I don’t need any specific type of font

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Okay, I can do that for you, one moment.

Hello again, here you are. :blush:

Baton Rouge
To Be continued

Oh you are amazing. Thank you so much my dear! I can’t thank you enough.

I will make sure to give you credit in my story!

If I need anything else can I ask you? Is that okay?

Also, how do I save them? I don’t see an image link.

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You’re welcome. Sure, that’d be just fine! You can right click on the image and save it. That should work.

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