Words in your language that don't exist in English

Doesn’t have to be “your” language, it can be any language you know.

During class, I was helping some of my (international) classmates with their Dutch homework. She was asking me what the translation of “gezellig” is in English. That’s when I realized that there’s no direct translation for the Dutch word: “gezellig” in English.

“Gezellig” (pronounced: /χəˈzɛləx/), is an adjective to used to describe a social and relaxed & “cozy” situation.

The best way to describe it, is by this quote from reddit:

You remember that night with friends, when you were all sitting outside having a drink and laughing!? THAT is “gezellig”


hygge. meaning you have a happy time. or you’re relaxing . like i am going out with friends that is going to be hygge. i am just at i home watching tv this is hygge
jeg hygger mig : I have fun
hygger du dig : do you enjoy yourself

there is also uhygge. which is the opposite. just means this is scary


Interesting, I don’t think there’s a for that in Dutch either :thinking:

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This is actually a really cool topic! I never thought about this before! I just have a question. Are there any words in English that don’t exist in other countries?

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I’m dutch aswell and yes sometimes there are I just can’t come up with one right now :joy:

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I think shallow is one of the them :thinking:

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Exactly! I’ve never realized it until then

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We have this word that is “Lagom” in Swedish, it basically means not too much but not too little. It’s like “just right”.

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Ghazal – arabic – it could mean flirtation but could also mean overly friendly

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there is alot of made up words. for produckts and such

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a typo and ur friends will hate you

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b u m p

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