Words Turn Red In Script? ;~;

So uh, I’m new to this obviously…
For some reason, I was writing the narrator part of my story and the “NARRATOR” bit above the text turned red. I thought that it must be normal and continued, But when I added a new background, the action turned red as well…?
Idk if I even make any sense, but any help would be highly appreciated! XD

Hi it done that on my script too, i left and it was normal again if it isn’t working, can i see your script

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This is happening to my script too,. A whole section of my writing is in red font, but there are no errors. I logged out of my account and went back to my script, but it’s still red.

Sometimes this can be when commands are too close together.
Try separating your commands and your speech a few times, this should hopefully change the script font again. If this doesn’t work, highlight the script and copy, delete the whole thing and then paste your script back into the document :slight_smile:

Um, ok, so, Check your script, this only happens if you have a

Sentance like:


It’s not a typo. If you have a choice or dialogue with a "

but no "

at the end of the sentence like in the example, it’ll treat your whole script like a choice when it comes to appearance, and make the rest of the script the color red.