Working on a new story. Help! Anyone interested?

I need a writing partner for my new story called : Anne Secret. If anyone’s interested, please DM me. My instagram is @libb18scad Or you can also reply from here.

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Could I help on HERE, please?

Sure! I’ve changed the name of the story I’m writing to Not a Fairytale : Big Bad Wolf
This story has a meaning behind it hehehe
The topic of the story is the danger but it also has a part where the feelings and the emotions appear in some scenes. So that makes you think of what is happening to each of the characters and what are the emotions each of them feel in the different scenes.
The main character is a young girl called Anne. She lives on her own cause her parents died in a car accident. She’s an independent woman which makes you think already that she doesn’t need help from anybody. She’s strong and quite smart.

Then you have the other main character and as you can imagine is the Big Bad Wolf of course.
But I just want to make clear that this story has nothing to do with Red riding hood. This is a totally different story, but has the same meaning.