Working on a thriller story!

Hi. I have a story that i’m working on. For now, i’m not done with episode 2 and 3. I need to add more scenes for episode 2. No CC for the MC (Amara) because she’s my character. You’ll play as her.


Title: Thriller: Don’t open The Door
3 episodes
Description: One afternoon, Amara was left home alone for a little too long.
Don’t wait up, her dad said.

Who’s at the door then?

No cover for the story yet. I plan to finish 3 episodes first. After that, I will make the cover.

Is it ok for readers to play a story with no CC?
Let me know what you think…


Sounds interesting! I’m totally cool with no CC

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Awesome! It’s just-
I worry about not having CC for the story.

I will post the update soon for sure!

can’t wait for your story :grin: :heart:

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Thank you Rose ^ _ ^

Ooh, I would love to read it when it comes out.

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I’ll let you know!


Never read any thriller stories before on the app lol. but I’ll love to try read yours once it’s published.
Also as I’m okay without CC. Though some readers will annoy you by asking can we CC. Then some of them would understand that it’s your story. It’s like a 50/50. But! IMO stories with CC is kinda ehhh and makes me want to exit the story😬 Lastly… I like seeing how the authors visualized their characters looks, you know?

Anyways good luck working on your story. Seems interesting to read :blush:

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Thank you so much :sob:
I feel happy to know your opinion on having CC or not. At first, I thought of giving the readers to CC Amara (the mc)
Since it’s my first story, I want to keep it simple. So I cancelled the idea.

I cant help but feel excited and anxious at the same time to publish my story :smiling_face_with_tear:
Thank you again for your words. They mean a lot!

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Yeah ofc!! No worries.:relaxed: But lol yeah I totally feel you. Like I’m still doing brainstorming my first story and I wanted to give them CC but I’m like nah I want to keep my characters the way they look. :skull:

Though yeah it’s normal on what you’re feeling especially since it’s your first story. But don’t worry. I believe in you, you got it!:clap::clap::crazy_face:

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3 episodes are done.
I can’t publish the story yet because the cover needs Episode’s approval. I’m so close to make my first story to public!

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I’m interested

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It’s out on Episode. Enjoy.

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