Working on more than one story at a time?

Hi! I’m sure there must be some people out there who are working on more than one story at a time, whether it’s on Episode or Wattpad or somewhere else.

I’m curious about your experiences with it. I want to hear pros and cons - everything! :eyes:

Have a nice day!


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I currently have 3 ongoing stories (2 complete ones). I’m just writing the final two chapters for one of the 3 that are still on onging.
My experience is, it’s very hard work :joy: I don’t recommend it. 2 isn’t ‘so’ bad, but still very hard work. If you have a lot of time on your hands, it might be ok to have more than one. But I work full time so it’s very tough that I can only usually write on weekends.
Also it’s a challenge when you get into the storyline of one and write a chapter, then try to write a chapter of the other, it’s very hard to get back into the mindset of a story when you’ve just been working on another one.
So Yeah, overall, I highly advise against it :grin:


I do this quite a lot, actually. “Benefits” of writing by the seat of my pants, I s’pose.

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My experience…
side note: this ended up being longer than expected

When I first started on episode, I was like “I’m going to finish every story before I start another…” And that was maybe like… this time last year?

Then I think limelight was released and I wanted to mess around with it for a bit, so I created a new story and then I suddenly had a great idea for said new story and I wrote like the first two chapters, but I stuck to my original plan to not start a new story until I’ve finished the first. (Story in question is still unpublished)

AND THEN the star power contest came around, so I was like “I’m so going to do this, I have a great idea!” So I did a short story for that. The third chapter is the end, so that wasn’t so bad, but I did neglect my first story a bit.

Then the spotlight contest came out, and I was like I’m going to do this one too… So I started a story, but my idea for that was going to take more than three episodes, and I couldn’t have that because that would be 2 ongoing stories at the same time. So I saved that story for later and wrote a whole new story for the spotlight contest and kept it at three episodes.

Then when the hero and villains contest came out, again I was like “yes, I can do this!” but because I put so many choices that matter into that one, I was like “I can’t fit the ending in the third chapter” there was just so much branching.

So currently, I have two stories published on episode that are incomplete and I’m working on the both simultaneously, and two that I’m still technically working on but I’m saving up for when I finish the published ones.


I have started on two stories, but stopped working on the second one as I’m more focused on the first one now. Once that is done I’ll continue the other.

I’ve got five stories in my drafts. Three are ink, two are limelight, and they all are a different genre. I did this not to only help with organization, but to try and further my experience in each story theme. (Plus, I only casually come back to and write on two of them, because those are the one’s that I feel are easier to write!)

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I can see how having a schedule might be a good idea :thinking: Feel free to keep me posted on how it works out!

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I love how this is a perfect example of “do as I say, not as I do” :joy:
It’s quite impressive that you have 3 ongoing stories, though. Especially because I feel like writing the final chapters of a story takes a lot of focus, since, you know, they’re the final ones :sweat_smile:

I can relate to this on a deep level! New ideas often come at the worst times :sweat_smile: You seem to be handling it very well though!

Yeah, that’s probably what’s most likely to happen to me as well :woman_shrugging:t2:

I feel like motivation could have been an issue, but this is actually such a good point! It’s nice with some variation now and then :eyes:
Also, I think it helps that you have your schedule planned out. I feel like good overview like that makes everything less stressful.

It can be hard at times but you have to balance your time. I have plenty of stories I’ve been writing. Especially on Episodes; but I put them to a hold so that I have time to work on my webtoon series and other books that I have been working on.

The best thing I can say is make a schedule and find out what works for you. It does get overwhelming and you lose your “train of thought” sometimes but you have to learn to pause and breathe.

Writing takes a lot of time and effort.

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Ha ha. Yes. But that’s why I wanted to share this. Having 3 ongoing stories means I know how difficult it can be. I never want to get myself in a position like this again though, this is why I thought I’d share my opinion and experience on the matter :rofl:
I do know everyone is different though. So people can of course do at they please :grin:

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I’m glad there’s someone else out there who gets me lol. I’m just hoping the next time I’m hit with an idea, it’s just for another chapter and not a whole new story

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I have worked at more than one story at a time. I was making a contest entry, so I put aside my main story for awhile to work on the contest entry. However, after the entry was published, I continued to work on my main story.

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And what about your contest entry was it completed within three episodes??

Yes, it was and then it was later put on the December Picks shelf.

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So, contest entries should be short or something like that…
Can’t be long or can be??

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Content entries can be as long as you want. However, you must have at least three chapters.