Working together on stories

I feel like for people that want to work together on a story are not able to do as much as they would like to because Episode doesn’t give us the opportunity to work together on stories


True. But you can write on docs together can copy and paste it in.

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The easiest way is probably to create a joint account.
I have a story that I worked on with a friend and because I trust her, I gave her full access to my account lol. I do wish there was a way to let someone in without having to do this and I wouldn’t recommend it in general. You really need to trust the person.
But creating a joint account is a good option.

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Yes! True! But you cant code the same episde at the same time. It only saves one version of the code.

Ah, wasn’t a problem for us due to the timezone differences lol.
Also, to be honest, I’ve managed to write over my own story by having two windows open :see_no_evil:. An autosave function would be such a fantastic idea lol

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Right! Except when you are making templates.