Working with a chosen name in portal


I want to give my readers the option of choosing their own name, but portal keeps saying that [NAME] is a spelling error.
Also, I am not sure how to write my story to show their chosen name, rather than the one I have. Do I do something like:

[NAME] (think)

If so, that doesn’t work.

Let me know what I should do, thanks!


Check out @Dara.Amarie’s thread:

I got that far, thanks though!

I am just having trouble with the rest of the story. When the character speaks, it still has the name I gave her, rather than the one the reader chooses.

What is the charcter’s script name & display name?

In your script, use the script name and when you want the characters name mentioned use the display name in these .

For example:

@MC enters from left to screen center

Hi, my name is [FIRSTNAME].

Hi WinterMoon05,

I kinda need help, when I try saving the display name as [FIRSTNAME] or [NAME] or something like that,
it won’t save! It won’t let me use in the name. What to do?

Write NAME or FIRSTNAME instead for the display name. You write [NAME] or [FIRSTNAME] when you have it in your script.

Alright, thanks!

You’re welcome. PM me if you have any more issues. :wink:

Welp, I’m back, so I’ve got almost everything under control now…

But the problem is spot, so I wanted my character to get clothing out of her closet and I typed in:

@YOU moves to spot 1.307 142 -17 AND YOU does it while walk_neutral

but it says:

WARNINGS: @CHARACTER moves to layer X
And I don’t get it, how do I fix it?

It should be:

@YOU walks to spot 1.307 142 -17 AND YOU does it while walk_neutral

Oh yeah, thank you!